Horrid, horrid, horrid!

That’s how the day ended. Now, let’s rewind…

A windy walk around the Promontory with some salty spray from the crashing waves upon the rocks out to sea. The spray was being blown by the wind although I thought it might be rain at one point. We took our time doing the walks, closed the Exercise Ring with a ‘massive’ thirty-four minutes for the three circuits. I did say we were having a lazy day!

I needed to do some server updates before Inter Sport opened, so got on with that before attempting to run. It didn’t look like rain at that point but close to it.

Not very Mediterranean

My run was completed without dampness or enthusiasm. At least it wasn’t raining! I continued with my servers before completing my core training workout. Time was progressing but it’s Sunday so I had no important tasks to complete. Breakfast was preceded by a coolish shower – the price you pay for being the last in.

Manuel, the German guy brought his children to pay for their additional night’s camping as they are migrating to Elafonissi to spend a couple of nights before their epic voyage to Gavdos on Wednesday. I warned them to go stocked up with food as there is limited opportunity there and the ferry can be cancelled leaving one marooned on Gavdos.

They took on water and left. I amused myself with various IT-type activities. I’m trying to find a way to share the camping booking information so I can see what’s available without having to rely on Maria when it’s busy. It need more work.

The overcast sky delivered rain in the afternoon. It was sporadic to begin with but now more determined and persuasive. The Evening Walk did not take place leaving me with a small deficit in the Move Ring Department. Wandering around to feed the dogs helped but I have a little more to go.

Due to the frequent inclement conditions, I’ve moved the container of dog biscuits into the awning area so I can allocate and prepare their food out of the rain. I feed Luis inside the van and Obi and Fido in the tent area. Fido has more food than Obi so does not try to poach from him. Luis gobbles up his food in milliseconds and then looks for the next nearest bowl – he dines alone….

They are now dozing next to me on the bench seat. The heating is on and the evening meal reheating in the Instant Pot outside. I will not be going out more than necessary as I can hear the rain beating on the roof.

There is some funky lunar event early in the morning however I suspect we’re going to be out of luck due to clouds.


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