Fire watching

Out a little earlier this morning as it was NOT raining, windy or cold! We had a good walk accompanied by some stars and even a half-decent sunrise. The chance of anything like that for the next few days is limited.

Nine consecutive rain days – maybe it’s only joking…

I ran after the walk and then did a Core workout. The training programme is too hard for me so I’m going to leave that for a little while and generate some workouts of my own using the app. Once I’ve caught up I’ll get back to the training programme.

I switched on my porridge and went for a shower before sitting down to enjoy my breakfast. I’d set a backup going on the EG server as Terry had said it might have to be disconnected in the afternoon. There have been plans to relocate the server from the museum however these have come to nothing. The Guild does not really need to have the server running as most of the data is stored elsewhere. Only one program is currently required and that is being used to write a book about the Guild’s embroidery collection. The latest plan is to leave the server at the Museum until such time as it has to be disconnected. Terry or Chris will deliver the external hard disk with the backup to Ursula who is flying out to Crete on Thursday. With this, I can recreate the machine which runs this elderly piece of software so make it available whenever the server is taken off-line.

I cycled into Paleochora for a bit of shopping in view of the inclement weather conditions which may follow. I had a good chat with Yannis Petrakis. We compared the various result from our gadgets. He’s been getting in some training as he plans to run twenty-six kilometres in an event which will soon take place in Ierapetra which at the eastern end of the island. He’s not run this far before so has been training by cycling and running UP the local mountains. As you do! I guess he’s getting pretty fit.

Xanthippos and Nikos have continued their attack on the tamarisk trees around the camping. They are cutting them right back as they are in dire need of pruning having got completely out of hand. Xanthippos got me to move Chris and Clare’s motorhome which was parked up at the top of the camping to a safer location. He has been burning all the branches and cutting today so felt the motorhome should be moved out of harm’s way.

He came back after dark to check the fire and deploy the fire hose. It’s quite windy and may get windier during the night. The fire is fairly small and, due to all the recent rain, I feel the chance of it spreading is minimal. I alerted Brian who is north of me in his motorhome and I’ll wander up there at bedtime. I recall a previous occasion when I was out at 02:00 putting out the fire with the fire hose. Manos had been given the task of burning all the accumulated rubbish and had built a huge fire which he tended all day. He’d damped it down with the hose before going home but the wind got up in the night and there was sufficient residual heat for the fire to reignite. It must have been in 2016 as the puppies were still living at the top of the camping and I had no compound. It was also a lot later in the year as I was up there in shorts. I recall the wind blowing the spray from the fire hose back at me. It was cold!

Spinach, peas and rice tonight. I rather overdid the spinach so it may be similar tomorrow night.


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