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I’ve been fiddling around with one of my weather websites today upgrading to the latest version. There still seems to be a bit of a problem with the database however that does not seem to affect the day-to-day running of the website. You can gaze upon its loveliness here.

Xanthippos has been very demanding today, interrupting me on several occasions. I must learn to realise that his work is far more important than anything else and that, after all, he is the boss. To be fair, most of the time he wanted to gain access to the workshop for tools and equipment. Just that I had to open it up numerous times which became a little frustrating. He came back late last night to check his fire was not burning the camping down. He tried to use the fire hose to damp down around the fire but the hose was distributing more water along its length than it was at the nozzle. Today, he busied himself with fire hose maintenance which I think he found more attractive than his actual task: collecting up all the branches cut down by Nikos. He had a fire going but seemed more interested in tidying up around it, burning the nearby rubbish, rather than go down into the camping to collect up the branches. I had previously made a path through the devastation so that I could take the dogs out without falling over it all. I suspect there will be little effort now seeing as Georgia is safely away in Athens. He can mooch about pleasing himself and bemoaning how much work there is to do.

Georgia phoned Xanthippos’ phone whilst I was with him. She had a chat with me in which we agreed that he was the boss and I’d better look out! Georgia however asked me to make sure Xanthippos didn’t actually burn down the camping. Quite a difficult task seeing how wet it has been. She asked me to check a couple of the rooms for dampness and I opened up Ξ1/2 to allow the air to come through as they are a little damp. To be honest, Xanthippos would be better employed lowering the ground levels around those cabins. Anyway, Georgia instructs him so it’s down to her.

This morning, we walked without being either blown away or rained upon. I ran unenthusiastically and then completed my core workout. I discovered that I’d carefully arranged a series of similar exercises one after the other, so changed the sequence for tomorrow. My revised routine is at least achievable whereas the training program was not. Better that I go at my own pace for a while.

I needed to get on with some mundane administration but allowed myself to become sidetracked whenever I wasn’t running around after Xanthippos. David and Carol set off for Iraklion airport where Carol will catch a plane for UK. She will be back on Tuesday having visited her grandchildren. She periodically visits for a long weekend from wherever they happen to be. They are talking about taking up residence in Portugal due to the Brexit fiasco. I understand the Portuguese are very keen to retain their UK visitors/tourists/residents and are falling over themselves to offer incentives for Brits to come and stay/reside. All good for the economy. Something to bear in mind should things become difficult. There are far worse places to be than Portugal.

The weather forecast has moderated the weather outlook however tonight and the next couple of days appear to be still very wet and windy. I replaced some of the elastic tensioners that hold down the sides of the awning tent. They break periodically and I need to find a better way to hold down the sides. The present method involves passing the elastic tensioner between the gaps in the decking to attach to metal hooks screwed to the underside of the planks. Not too difficult to achieve on either side of the deck but a real drag going under the main part of the decking to reattach the tensioners. The PVC lower sections are bolted to the decking but this only now needs doing at the beginning and end of the winter season thanks to the permanent canopy.

I think I just heard the Instant Pot go click which signals the pressure has released. Time for some more spinach, peans and onion! It’s a good combination and much more interesting than rice and spinach on its own.


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