Exciting waves

Ursula and Tony arrived at 22:15 and settled themselves into T2 which had the bathroom light on to greet them. The outside light, for whatever reason, was not working. I went to bed shortly after they arrived.

The ground was dry when I went out with the dogs around 06:30. The rain from the previous day had dried up probably due to the wind. We went up and down the Promontory a couple of times before being met by Ursula and her lamp. Pea seemed particularly keen to welcome her with plenty of excited barking. The waves were pounding the rocks at the end of the Promontory which made conversation somewhat challenging. There was a strong southwesterly wind and the sea was extremely active. We could see the waves breaking against the rocks on the shore further to the west. The noise was astounding. When I first came to Grammeno and parked next to the beach, I compared the sound of the sea to the sound of an express train. That simile still stands.

I went for a run then completed my core workout which I have changed for tomorrow as it’s time to progress. I got a shower and had breakfast. The dogs were a bit noisy and excited probably due to the high wind and the rain.

It seemed very busy today as everyone needed me to do things. Xanthippos was digging around in one of the holding tanks breaking up fatbergs. It’s not only posh towns in UK that get them. The pump was not working which was causing water to back up in the pipes. Not an ideal situation.

There were showers on-and-off however, the 40mm rainfall has yet to materialise as we’ve had only 6mm so far. The forecast claims there is now 17.5mm to go.

I prepared two batches of food. One for this evening and another for the freezer as it’s starting to get a little low. I’m just off to T2 to deliver the main event so will come back for the rice as I’ve just heard the Instant Pot complete its program.


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