More puke!

I awoke in the night to the sound of Obi quietly throwing up on the van floor. He seemed happy in his work so I left him to it. There seemed little point in shoving him outside as that ship had sailed. My hope was that the others would not paddle around in it distributing it evenly about.

The first night having the Brown Dogs plus Charlie and Oskar, had gone well. Like being the new boys at boarding school, they needed to discover those unwritten rules. Charlie found a nice unoccupied space on the bench seat to discover it is where I sit so was unceremoniously relegated to the floor. Fido adjourned to the floor by the warm-air heater early on but he’s happy to snuggle up to my feet anyway. A mutually beneficial arrangement. As I went to bed, Luis, now the smallest dog, was occupying the greatest area of the seat with Obi, leaving Oskar and Charlie under my bed and Fido sleeping on the dashboard just under my bed.

Early rain encouraged me to go back to sleep so we were not out until it was nearly light. I woke up around 06:35 having been wide awake at 05:30 due to a requirement to arise in order to perform an urgent activity. Carefully avoiding….bugger!

Luis was particularly active on the Early Walk. His reduced stature allows him to race after his ball with very little huffing and puffing. I do not know how much weight he has lost but he’s only half the dog he used to be. Much more apparent to Ursula who’s not seen him since November. The was a little misunderstanding when Fido pinned Luis to the ground accusing him of capturing his ball. In fact, Fido was the one who was out of order as Luis had his own ball and Fido had simply over-run his. I pointed out the error of his ways however Luis played half-heartedly from then on.

I ran and did my core workout, attended to Xanthippos and made breakfast. Monika arrived as scheduled at around 11:40 requiring my attention to deal with the washing machine. She wanted a 60℃ wash with extra rinsing which took over two hours to complete. She followed this with a second wash which was succeeded by a wash for Janne. I’d been helping him with his printer which was refusing to scan some documents. We had a good run around but achieved very little. My final washing machine event was for Claudia who wants an early wash tomorrow morning which I shall start when I go to turn on the water heater.

The group of three motorhomes which phoned me on Saturday morning arrived mid-afternoon to check out the camping. Our conversation on Saturday was not all that straightforward seeing as everything seemed to be ‘too expensive’ for them. At 4.50€ per person/night plus electricity, it’s a good price for a monthly stay. I had a feeling they might be quite demanding so was unperturbed when they decided to take a look at Paleochora Camping. I think they charge 5€ per night but the nightclub across the road and the weather would put me off anywhere other than right at the very rear of the camping.

Ursula was cooking for us tonight so I knew I’d be having a night off. We’re going out to a restaurant together on Wednesday evening so it will be a lazy couple of days.

I took the dogs for the Evening Walk and then brought them back to feed them and leave them in the van. Oskar decided it might be more interesting outside so I left him roaming when I set off for supper in T2.

The meal was extremely pleasant and probably one of those unrepeatable recipes. The main event was followed by a Christmas Pudding kindly brought by Ursula from UK.

Oskar went in and Charlie came out when I went back to the van. I’d better see if Charlie wants to come back in before I go to bed. Which won’t be long seeing as I’m full of food and have been busy all day.


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