Out again!

I’d promised to put a load of washing on early so jumped out of bed just after six. It was breezy but it wasn’t raining and there was a goodly number of stars to see. No chance for Saturn or Pluto since Pluto is too far and there was a haze near the horizon. There might be a better chance of seeing them when they rise earlier later in the year. They are best at dawn or dusk. I only walked a couple of laps then Ursula and I took the dogs back to the camping. I took the washing to Claudia who asked if she might put on another load thirty minutes later. I did my core workout then went back to see her. That load went on as I went for my shower.

I then rode into Paleochora for the bank, the bakers and Petrakis. The ATM was more cooperative than on Saturday night. I got a pastry for Tony at the bakers and then did some shopping in Petrakis. The total bill was 186€ which wouldn’t necessarily be out of order for a family shop but seemed a little excessive for one person. One item was 74€ and that was another 25kg gas bottle full of gas. The refill is 44€. I now have two 25kg gas bottles which would last me an entire winter and make me immune from gas shortages or other eventualities. There was also a load of pet food which is normally 100kg dry and a dozen large tins of meat. This time I took two dozen large tins and only 40kg of dried. With only five dogs, 100kg is over the top.

Back at Grammeno, I made breakfast and received a call from Maria who said she was coming to the camping to sort out the money. She picked up some money in November and Georgia the remainder in December and January. The problem is that many of the customers pay ahead creating difficulties with reconciliation. Added to that, Maria took the money but didn’t say how much, making it impossible for me to reconcile. Our ‘meeting’ went on for ages, punctuated by a number of phone calls from a friend and Georgia. The amount of actual business amounted to no more than thirty minutes! But this is Greece…

Manuel, the German guy with young family, who wished to visit Gavdos, came back to use the washing machine. They never got to Gavdos as the ferry didn’t sail but had been staying at Elafonissi and at Gialiskari Beach which is the other side of Paleochora. His van is now occupying the same position as previously and they seem to be making friends with Sascha nearby. We now have a small German enclave in that area which is just what we want. Groups of friends tend to stay longer if only I can stop Georgia from moving them all up the other end of the camping so she can spray the trees. I went bonkers when she was talking about moving them and said it would be the quickest way to empty the camping if that is what she wants.

I managed to do a few of the things I’d wanted, prepared the rice and spinach for later before taking the dogs for the Evening Walk. Tony and Ursula joined us at the end of the Promontory however we didn’t hang about as it was windy and likely to rain. We got back in time and I fed the dogs and put them into the van. I then transported the Instant Pot to T2 and set it going.

We ate our supper which was followed by stewed apples with a very tasty crunchy topping which Ursula had prepared earlier. There was a short storm and then I went back to my van.

It’s past my bedtime now.


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