Tax returns submitted

The horrible weather has not yet materialised only a few showers with sunny intervals. It was pleasant to sit out under the awning while working on my tax return only when it rained did it turn a little chilly.

The Early Walk was not quite so early but it was windy and cool with the threat on rain so expediency suggested a rapid return. I managed to get in a run dropping off a pastry for Tony on the way back. I then completed my core exercise workout and went for a shower forgetting to turn on my porridge beforehand. How annoying is that!

I needed to concentrate on finishing off Matthew’s tax as well as submit mine. Matthew did most of the work this year so all I had to do was complete the return and submit it. There were no interruptions so it was plain sailing.

I knew that Princess and Pea would arrive mid-morning so was keen to see that everything went according to plan. I’ve since seen a series of photos and understand that both dogs walked to the station and Pea has been on a train back to London. It would seem they are able to take everything in their stride.

The German enclave where pooling their children and amusing them on the beach between the rain showers. The wind increased durning the afternoon so it became blowy and cold, especially by the beach as it was a predominantly southerly wind. The children didn’t seem to mind and were well wrapped up like their parents. There was only one idiot still wearing shorts.

Ursula and I took the dogs out for the Evening Walk where Luis and Fido raced after their respective balls. Charlie and Oskar amused each other and Obi had no option other than come with me as I threw the ball for Fido. I could see dark clouds and a band of rain approaching so we headed back for meat and biscuits. There is more to go around with fewer dogs so they can have meat three times each week!

I put the dogs into the van and left them for the third consecutive evening as we were going into town for a meal out. We travelled in Erica and Janne’s Fiat and there was enough room for five for the short journey. We sat in front of the wood stove at the pizza restaurant and I enjoyed a very pleasant vegetarian risotto whilst watching the sea break over the breakwater and ferry berth. I guess the ferry was moored up in the southern port which is protected from the sea. The restaurant was doing a steady trade as the waves pounded the rocks protecting the wall across the road.

Janne avoided all the potholes as he drove us from Paleochora and we were back in the camping just after nine. It’s now 21:30 so I may take the opportunity to grab an early night. The dogs seem to have behaved themselves during my absence as I could hear no movement until I was just outside.


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