Sascha is back

A little very light rain in the night which amounted to only 0.4mm precipitation. For some reason I woke up several times but I went back to sleep quickly. It was a little chilly again.

Out on the Promontory just after 06:15 for a mad dash about and some frantic ball throwing. Today was the day of the missing ball for Luis as he spent more time looking for it than chasing it.… Read the rest

No significant or measurable rain

It was a rapid wake up for me as I was still asleep when the alarm went off. I went to bed later last night as I was feeling decadent. By late I mean 23:00!

There was an appreciable wind mostly from the northeast as we walked the Promontory on our four laps or so. I wasn’t really paying attention.… Read the rest

And so it continues…

I woke at around 01:00 and could see that the Meteobridge was still sending data. My phone was at 50% battery so not an ideal scenario. I left everything as it was a went back to bed. The rain was still falling and continued to do so. It was coming under the upper roof due to being blown by the wind so I amused myself for a little while working out how we could modify the roof to keep out driving rain.… Read the rest

It might have rained

The rain began around 02:30 and then eased off, as I thought, at about 06:30, so I took the opportunity to take the dogs. We’d not been out long when the rain started again and I’d completed only a couple of circuits of the Promontory. I persevered a little longer but looking at the mountains, I could see huge banks of black, rainy, clouds.… Read the rest

We got wet!

It rained early in the morning and I woke up early as I accidentally went to bed quite early having misread the time.

But I thought it was all over so we went out as usual. The forecast showed a pause in the rain until 11:00. We started to walk and completed two laps and then a light rain started.… Read the rest

I cleaned!

Awake early to the sound of rain at 00:45 and again at 05:15. A total of 1.4mm between both showers. It wasn’t raining at 05:55 so I got up and turned on the water heaters before collecting the dogs together for their walk. There was a moon and plenty of cloud but not many stars and only Venus visible.… Read the rest

Gathering clouds

For some reason, I was awake just after 05:00. Probably because the temperature rose by 2C. We got up at the normal time as I was checking my mail and reading the newspapers. The walk went slowly as I didn’t feel very energetic today. We managed three laps but they only counted for a couple of minutes of exercise due to my lack of effort.… Read the rest


I was awake early and stayed in bed until almost getting up time just looking at the weather and the newspapers. I wandered over to put on the first load of washing and turn on the water heaters. Off we then went for our Early Walk. Only three laps of the Promontory or 4.2km, as the February Challenge is almost in the bag.… Read the rest

Sunny again

It was a little chilly when I got up as well as when I went to bed last night. I’d not had much heat on in the van so was feeling cool when I got into bed. I put on my thick fleecy blanket over my duvet to get warm. I kept it on all night despite an interesting temperature rise at around 03:00.… Read the rest

Only four left

Yesterday saw the departure of Claudia and Helmut, today it was Paula, Jan and Lily. Not that they left too early. I went down to see them off and to wish them well with the remainder of their travels. They say they might return again in the Autumn. Now there are only four vans left in the camping.… Read the rest

Another Lily walk

For a change, the weather was warm and sunny, at least in the morning. It turned rather cloudy in the afternoon and chilly once the sun went down. I was up on time this morning as I had no rain to excuse getting out of bed and getting on with things. We were out in the dark however dawn was only around the corner.… Read the rest

A somewhat lazy Sunday

I wasn’t sure about the weather so decided a little extra time in bed might help with the decision-making exercise. That and the fact the wind was STILL blowing and it was STILL cold may have inordinately influenced my decision too. I couldn’t delay the moment any longer although the dogs were still motionless, I got out of bed.… Read the rest

Another great walk with Lily

We’ve not long returned from another walk with Lily. This time it was Jan with Lily. Paula took her the other morning. Jan is trying to ensure Lily is obedient as she’s going to be a big girl when she grows up. At only eight months of age, she just wants to play. My lot were as excited as usual at the beginning of the walk so a certain amount of calming down was in order.… Read the rest

Wet, dry, wet, dry, wet, dry…

The rain was pattering on the van roof as I awoke around 03:00 and more rain began to fall at getting up time so we stayed in bed until 07:00 listening and waiting. It was light when we went out around 07:15 for what turned out to be a 3hr 15 minute walk. We marched around, first in the dry, then in the wet, then in the dry until there was a lot of barking just as I’d decided I’d had enough.… Read the rest

90km/h gusts!

Today has been a bit of a washout. For a start, Luis didn’t even look at his food and it contained MEAT. Normally, he’s hoovered it off the plate before it hits the ground. He’s not well as he left a trail of watery dribble on the floor earlier. His food will be there for him tomorrow.… Read the rest

Cold, Wet and Windy

There is light rain from the north/northwest pattering on the metal roof above the van. There is also rain on the back of the van. It was still this morning but now it’s very windy with gusts to 44mph 71km/h. It’s also chilly with a high of only 16.1℃ now on the way to 10℃. Oskar thought it funny now to come inside when I called him at bedtime last night so spent the night outside.… Read the rest


The forecast rain joined us around 13:15 with a noisy shower which may have included a little hail. At least the morning was dry so I was able to walk and run. For some reason my run was not recording until I discovered it on my arrival at Krios. It’s possible I forgot to set it going at Grammeno.… Read the rest


Messrs Onedin and Baines entertained the dogs and I last night although the dogs don’t seem that interested for some reason. James gets his steamship back but I suspect it’s going to need work before it’s any use to him. His attempt to rewed falls upon deaf ears so he’s going to have to think again on that one too.… Read the rest


Messrs Onedin and Baines entertained the dogs and I last night although the dogs don’t seem that interested for some reason. James gets his steamship back but I suspect it’s going to need work before it’s any use to him. His attempt to rewed falls upon deaf ears so he’s going to have to think again on that one too.… Read the rest

Doggy day

I woke up in the night but didn’t go back to sleep very quickly so I was fast asleep when the alarm went off. I dithered a couple of minutes in bed reading some emails before getting up. I needed to get up and put on the early washing as I’d promised this before 08:00. We were a little late out onto the Promontory and it was cloudy so no stars or planets.… Read the rest

Here comes the sun

It was warmer than anticipated so I’m glad I chose my dog-walking jacket rather than a lined one. We completed five circuits of the Promontory which took up just under an hour and 5km. The dogs were seen to be cutting the corners after the third lap. All except Obi who is obligated to the full nine yards.… Read the rest


Contrary to expectations, the day started off reasonably dry, at least in a skyward direction anyway. We walked quite a bit around the Promontory in an attempt to catch up with the February Challenge. I was determined to get in a decent run so we went back to the camping just in case it might rain.… Read the rest


Another crummy day as far as the weather is concerned. I heard rain on the roof at 04:15 which continued for an hour or more making our departure for the Early Walk later than usual. It did us the courtesy of not raining whilst we were out so we completed no less than five laps of the Promontory… fortunately.… Read the rest

All change!

It was still windy when I woke around 05:15 so I didn’t bother going back to sleep. I discovered Charlie as I stepped out of the van. He’d decided to go walkabout as I was coming into the van having come back from the loo the evening before so stayed out all night. He’ll probably remember not to go out when I tell him not to.… Read the rest

Super manic Monday

No rain but plenty of wind today. The rain should follow tomorrow midday just as Tony and Ursula set off for Souda Airport at the start of their homeward journey.

The first event of the day was the failure of the power supply which powers the Meteobridge, the device which sends all the weather data to the various websites I support.… Read the rest


I struggled to Krios and back yesterday and to complete my core workout. Today I did neither but went on a cycle ride instead. I came to the conclusion that would be the least offensive activity and go towards completing my rings.

The morning started at 05:25 and I was out of bed at 05:45. I managed a couple of trips around the Promontory before Ursula arrived.… Read the rest

Support calls, on a Saturday!

On the Promontory again by just after six. The sky was clear and the stars were twinkling. Not too many birds twittering. I managed one circuit of the Promontory and was joined by Ursula. I went for another lap and then we returned. I was less enthusiastic about running to Krios and tried to convince myself to do a shorter run as I intended to go shopping later.… Read the rest

All dogs chipped

Out early as we had to get going in order to be at Maleme by 12:00 for our vet appointment. Stavros is quite flexible but we arrived on time anyway. The previous visit was for Pea and Princess and to have Charlie updated in absentia. This was the turn of Obi and Oskar who has never visited the vet other than as a puppy for sterilisation when they were all done.… Read the rest