Support calls, on a Saturday!

On the Promontory again by just after six. The sky was clear and the stars were twinkling. Not too many birds twittering. I managed one circuit of the Promontory and was joined by Ursula. I went for another lap and then we returned. I was less enthusiastic about running to Krios and tried to convince myself to do a shorter run as I intended to go shopping later. I ran to Krios and then completed my core workout. Everything seemed so much more like hard work. I’d put in a wash whilst taking out the wash I started at 06:00 for a customer. That I delivered in a large bowl as the plastic bag the load came in would have ripped with the additional weight of the water.

I showered and collected my washing which I hung up after my breakfast. I just had time before making my weekly phone call. There was no time for any rest this morning.

In the afternoon, I received another support call from John who was at Seaford. He’d lost the server for some reason. We discovered it had been turned off.

Via Xanthippos, Georgia told me should could no longer access the camping cameras so I guessed the DNS had expired on I have cancelled my subscription to as I feel it is too expensive. The problem is that this will result in some reconfiguration. I have set up and tried to explain to Georgia how to change the settings on her phone and tablet. Good luck with that!

I didn’t have room to hang up all the washing this morning so had to swap everything over and make my bed. I’ve not really had time to stop all day.

I met Tony on the beach so we headed out together to walk the dogs. Ursula was already on the Promontory but decided to turn back as I was so long arriving. Meanwhile, Tony and I went to the sandy area where I threw balls for Fido and Luis, and we eventually found Ursula hiding from the dogs by the Big Rock.

I fed the dogs and put them into the van whilst Ursula went off to put the finishing touches to the evening meal of which I ate a huge portion so could barely walk back to my van. It was so yummy, I couldn’t resist. The Main Event was followed by fruit with a topping of nuts and crumbly bits. All to die for.

I promised myself an early night so I’m determined to be asleep before 22:00 for a change.


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