I struggled to Krios and back yesterday and to complete my core workout. Today I did neither but went on a cycle ride instead. I came to the conclusion that would be the least offensive activity and go towards completing my rings.

The morning started at 05:25 and I was out of bed at 05:45. I managed a couple of trips around the Promontory before Ursula arrived. It was windy this morning and has been progressively more windy as the day has passed. At least it’s not raining and we’ve had quite a bit of sun.

My cycle ride took me to the PAWS dog village where there was one sweet little bitch. We made friends once she cottoned on that I had a tube of dog biscuits in my pocket. She is very timid but stood while I petted her, munching periodically on a biscuit. From there I went out of Paleochora towards Anydri and climbed some of the hill towards the village.

I wasn’t up for going all the way to the village as it gets very steep at the top. I enjoyed the downward passage as well as the following wind back to Grammeno. The whole trip was 17.79km which was not amazing.

I joined Ursula for a cup of tea and some of her very yummy fruit with crumbly topping. I didn’t really want much else although I’m looking forward to some food once the Instant Pot has concluded its task.

Charlie being relaxed

I spent the remainder of the day performing various administrative tasks and some IT for Inter Sport. David visited to tell me that his fridge was broken and that he’d put his stuff into the fridge in the kitchen. I suggested he might freeze blocks in the freezer to keep it cool until he’s able to get it fixed. He tells me he’s taking the van in for a service when he goes back to UK for his MOT when they return from India. He might stay at Grammeno until that time and leave his van here like Chris and Claire.

The Evening Walk was blustery so Tony didn’t stay the course leaving Ursula and I to entertain the dogs. Luis and Fido were very active so are flaked out following their meat and biscuit supper.


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