All change!

It was still windy when I woke around 05:15 so I didn’t bother going back to sleep. I discovered Charlie as I stepped out of the van. He’d decided to go walkabout as I was coming into the van having come back from the loo the evening before so stayed out all night. He’ll probably remember not to go out when I tell him not to. We went out as usual under a relatively clear sky with an abundance of stars. I walked around as much as possible as I suspected I might not be able to do so later due to the forecast rain. We went back to the camping and Ursula started the process of clearing T2 and packing the bags. I had some administration to see to but then went off for a short run a lot later than I normally would.

I picked up a pastry for Tony and the three of us sat outside T2 in the sun. This situation was not to last as we noticed the mountains were beginning to disappear to the east. Ursula and Tony went to say goodbye to Janne and Erica then got into their car having said goodbye to the dogs. I decided to do my core workout and to go for a shower.

The day has been very busy with loads of support work. I don’t remember a day so busy for a long time. I eventually got into the shower and finished off some apple and sprinkles which Ursula gave me yesterday and had been in the fridge since then. We now know that the sprinkles do not go soggy in the fridge.

Janne and Erica decided to pack up early and leave for Chania to stay in a hotel since their flight is early in the morning and it saves rushing about.

The afternoon became cooler before the eventual downpour and storm which I’d been tracking on my computer. 4mm rain fell in a very short time and there was plenty of thunder and lightning. The dogs were still in their houses but, when it became apparent that the Evening Walk wouldn’t take place, we adjourned to the van and put on the heater.

The rain gently patters on the metal roof and my feet are gradually warming up. The dogs have not been fed yet nor have I put anything on for myself. It’s comparatively early, just horrible outside.

I’ve not complete my Activity Rings but should do so soon. I’m going to have to concentrate my mind if I’m to complete the February Challenge.

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