Another crummy day as far as the weather is concerned. I heard rain on the roof at 04:15 which continued for an hour or more making our departure for the Early Walk later than usual. It did us the courtesy of not raining whilst we were out so we completed no less than five laps of the Promontory… fortunately. We got back before the next lot and the subsequent showers which followed all day. I managed to complete my core workout once I’d caught up with a little computer stuff for clients.

I went for a shower and had breakfast, also somewhat later than usual. My day was taken up with computer-related activities as well as the on-going sale of two Shepherds’ Huts bathroom huts for Matthew. There is a potential client in Denmark who is opening some kind of outdoor activity centre and who is up for buying two of the three remaining bathroom huts. It has been a less busy day than yesterday but did involve some wandering around the camping for washing machine and money collection. The couple from Switzerland and Germany have decided to stay for a further two days and Manuel has now returned and occupies the space opposite Sascha. A proper little German [speaking] enclave.

There was further heavy rain at 17:00 but I needed to go for a walk to even close my Activity Rings, let alone contribute to the February Challenge. There’s going to have to be a lot of making up if I’m to be able to complete it. The Evening Walk ended in wetness for all as I wanted to get in an extra circuit of the Promontory. Not a sound idea as it turned out. Luis left his ball behind too!

Back at the ranch, I started to feed the dogs whereupon Oskar decided to wander out into the pouring rain. I grabbed him back in but he must have got himself into Luis’ airspace as this precipitated a certain amount of doggy excitement of which Luis was the main recipient. Luis has been a little aggressive towards some of the others, particularly in regard to his position on the seat. Perhaps this incident will remind him of his diminutive stature in relation to the others and he may become more tolerant of them. Some repositioning following the departure of Princess and Pea I suspect. He used to enjoy pushing them around a bit so, what goes around…

I think the Instant Pot has worked it’s magic so hopefully I have some hot grub waiting for me. I have food to create a meal in the fridge but have no desire to prepare anything given the weather. The continuous clicking of the ignitor on the gas heater has alerted me to the fact that the gas has just run out! It’s chucking it down outside and the spare cylinder is in the storeroom. We’ll have some fan heater this evening I think!

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