Only shorts!

I seem to have been a little restless in the night as I had a great deal of Stand Hours by 08:00. More by accident than design although I did wake up several times but I’m not sure why. Winston accompanied me on the Early Walk recounting the details of various naval encounters in 1914 including the raids on Scarborough, Hartlepool and Whitby by the Imperial German Navy. 

I’m pretty sure I saw Saturn this morning together with Venus and Jupiter. Not all in the same place as Jupiter rises before Venus at present with Saturn at the rear. We walked five circuits of the Promontory and later I ran for 30 minutes. Other than that, I’ve been having a day off and either reading or snoozing in the sun.

Even with the door open, the temperature in the tent reached 25℃ so I was able to remove all but my shorts. I even went outside for a while. As the afternoon progressed, the sky clouded over a little and then Carol came for a rent-a-dog to take for a walk.

I walked down with Carol and Obi towards the beach and let them set off. I sat by the gate then disappeared once they were out of sight. I chatted to Nikola and Sascha who were playing in the sand pit with their little daughter. She has just started to walk so is still at the very wobbly stage. She has plenty of padding and is made of rubber so it doesn’t matter how many times she falls over.

Carol returned Obi and the sun was blocked out by clouds as 17:30 approached. I put the remainder of the spinach together with some rice, peas, onion and lentils for a change. It has just finished cooking so is going through the depressurisation phase as I write.

The Evening Walk was uneventful and active for Fido and Luis and they’ve just guzzled down their meat and biscuits and are hoping I might soon let them into the van so they can sleep the evening away.


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