Messrs Onedin and Baines entertained the dogs and I last night although the dogs don’t seem that interested for some reason. James gets his steamship back but I suspect it’s going to need work before it’s any use to him. His attempt to rewed falls upon deaf ears so he’s going to have to think again on that one too.

It was warm but cloudy as we marched over the Promontory this morning. There were some stars peeping through the gaps in the clouds but a heavy bank on the horizon. We completed our five circuits and Luis managed not to lose the ball. Back at the factory, I decided to update my daily working as it was becoming a little tedious and boring. I now have new and interesting ways to stretch my bits. After an interlude, Winston and I went running to Krios where we found the German/Swiss couples who’d stayed at the camping until Saturday. I expect the Germans might come back as the weather for the next few days is poor and he will need electricity.

I showered and had a late breakfast before Richard at Inter Sport called to say he’d set up the two new computers for installation and that the new server for Seaford had arrived but without the disks. I started on the new PCs and have done most except for install the printer as I’m unable to see it on the network.


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