The forecast rain joined us around 13:15 with a noisy shower which may have included a little hail. At least the morning was dry so I was able to walk and run. For some reason my run was not recording until I discovered it on my arrival at Krios. It’s possible I forgot to set it going at Grammeno. It was sunny on my way back to the camping and there was a following wind too. The sky clouded over as the morning passed but the highest probability for rain was in the afternoon.

I visited Lily and family on my way back from the shower and Jan thrust 60€ into my hand for the camping. I have just updated his entry in the ledger.

Much of my day has been taken up with Inter Sport’s new Seaford server although I’ve not quite finished it yet. I’ll need to get on with it early tomorrow morning so that Richard can take it over to Seaford for installation.

There have been two heavy showers resulting in 7.6mm of rain for the day. Between the showers, the sun shone and the temperature inside the tent was over 25℃ – very pleasantly warm whilst it lasted.

I was not certain of the Evening Walk due to the showers and the speed of the clouds coming over. Nevertheless, we went out all the same although I kept a close eye on the weather. Luis and Fido ran about as usual and Charlie and Oskar pottered. Obi followed me so got plenty of exercise. Even though it is not an official meat night, I gave them some anyway. They gulped it down as usual whereupon Charlie decided to throw up on the seat. Luis is making a very thorough job of clearing up the remains, the bulk was removed by me and Charlie ejected unceremoniously. He can spend the rest of the evening outside and I’ll probably let him in at bedtime. We will now have an exceptionally clean area of the seat cushion.


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