Cold, Wet and Windy

There is light rain from the north/northwest pattering on the metal roof above the van. There is also rain on the back of the van. It was still this morning but now it’s very windy with gusts to 44mph 71km/h. It’s also chilly with a high of only 16.1℃ now on the way to 10℃. Oskar thought it funny now to come inside when I called him at bedtime last night so spent the night outside. I think he will have different ideas this evening. I’ve left him out with Charlie so that the latter may ensure his food remains in his stomach before venturing into the comparative warmth of the van. If they have any sense, they will be under the awing. It they’re wet, no chance of coming in.

The Bathroom hut sales progresses, invoices sent and hopefully payment made. It’s coming from Denmark so may take a while as they use Kroner there. I suggested an intermediary to save them money but I won’t hold my breath. Once the money hits Matthew’s bank account he can arrange transport and start preparing the huts for transit. They should take about a week to arrive at their destination. I will not miss being intermediary!

Much of the time after the Early Walk, run, shower, breakfast etc, was taken up with Inter Sport’s new Seaford server and the replacement tills in the Lewes store. I’m still working on it now but think I have got most of it out of the way.

The miserable weather did not stop us going on the Evening Walk although it wasn’t much fun. Luis and Fido dashed about a bit but it was windy, cold and raining lightly so I decided to call it a day.


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