Wet, dry, wet, dry, wet, dry…

The rain was pattering on the van roof as I awoke around 03:00 and more rain began to fall at getting up time so we stayed in bed until 07:00 listening and waiting. It was light when we went out around 07:15 for what turned out to be a 3hr 15 minute walk. We marched around, first in the dry, then in the wet, then in the dry until there was a lot of barking just as I’d decided I’d had enough. It had just started to rain once more and I’d become fed up with the rain followed by sunny interludes. The cause of the racket was the arrival of Lily with Paula.

Oskar was making a lot of noise which somewhat confused Lily who just wanted to play. I’d already attached Fido to try to even up the numbers and eventually reacquired all but Oskar who continued his audible barrage. Paula took Lily off, I attached Oskar, then caught up with Paula and Lily who, by this time, were at the end of the Promontory. From there, I gradually released all the dogs except for Oskar and Obi, and they all played nicely until more rain came. Oskar, once attached barked very little and calmed down. He even got quite brave towards the end almost taking a treat from Paula’s hand.

Lily and Fido ran after the ball but despite the huge discrepancy in size, Fido was definitely not about to let Lily have it. At one point, both large and small were pursuing the ball which Fido grabbed. Lily, in her excitement ran over Fido landing in a heap in the sand. Of all the dogs, Fido played the most sensibly. By the end, all of us returned together to the camping as one, happy but soggy, band. Something I might not have imagined.

The extended walk took a chunk out of the day so we all retired inside the van with the heater on to dry off, just like yesterday. At this point, the sun came out but I was eating breakfast and the dogs were all snoring. Rain followed the sun and so it went on until early afternoon. There was an extended sunny interval so I decided to take the car for a run into town for some shopping. The idea of playing weather roulette on my bike, dodging the potholes, mud and water on the road, was not top of my list so the comfort of the car won. I purchased loads of shopping to make the car journey worthwhile. More rain fell as I was in the supermarket and the potholes and general condition of the road make it virtually uncyclable in places.

The afternoon turned to evening so off we went for the walk. The sky was mostly clear but I could make out a dense bank of cloud to the southwest which fits in with the weather forecast. Tomorrow is going to be wet again from early morning for most of the day. Another factor which encouraged my shopping expedition to Paleochora.

Another small storm approaches from the southwest which is probably the cloud bank from earlier. I’m looking forward to yet another rain day. Not!


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