A somewhat lazy Sunday

I wasn’t sure about the weather so decided a little extra time in bed might help with the decision-making exercise. That and the fact the wind was STILL blowing and it was STILL cold may have inordinately influenced my decision too. I couldn’t delay the moment any longer although the dogs were still motionless, I got out of bed. That has become the signal for much activity and much wagging of tails. Once I’d put the water heaters on, I let the dogs out and we set off. Dawn was very much underway and sunrise was just around the corner. We walked 6.7km and came back to base. There was just a hint of moisture in the air but nothing serious actually materialised.

I got involved in a number of small tasks including a visit to the rubbish and fixing the CCTV camera on the gate. I needed to carry out a little trimming of the branches having changed the angle of the camera as it is now higher up the pole and screwed to it. Another job which should have been done months ago. I took down the Weather Camera to see why it wasn’t working. The heavy rain has taken its toll and the elderly camera has moisture inside the case as well as inside the connectors. I dismantled it and have changed the cable but I’m not certain it will work again.

The wind had caused the cable ties holding the overhead cable between the central kitchen and the workshop to unravel. The sun causes the plastic ties to become brittle and the ties break which allows the cable to droop down and become entangled in tree branches. Using the Grammeno wobbly steps, I attached some new ties to secure the cable to the one which carries it. That cable is particularly important as it serves the lower part of the camping as well as me.

The weather improved and the sun came out. It was pleasant sitting on the deck but not the weather for sitting outside. Paula wanted the washing machine so I dealt with that before continuing with my camera repair project.

I did find time to play with Lily while Paula got her washing ready.

The afternoon slipped by and it was nearly six o’clock so I asked Jan if he and Lily would like to accompany us again. They had only just returned from their walk so we went alone. As much alone as it’s possible to be with five dogs. We did a bit more walking around as I’m rather behind with the monthly challenge. There was some ball-throwing as well and we came back in the moonlight.

Meat again tonight and even some still in the fridge. We’re all inside and my supper is cooking. A repeat of last night as I bought too much spinach just for one meal. One cannot get too much spinach as I’m sure Popeye would agree.

I detect a little noise from the bathroom, AKA storeroom so suspect one of my traps has a mouse. I shall investigate.

Ursula had a visit from the grandmother of the family considering adopting Charlie. She met Heidi and they had a good chinwag. The next phase is probably to discuss it with her daughter. Perhaps Charlie will be going on a trip…


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