Another Lily walk

For a change, the weather was warm and sunny, at least in the morning. It turned rather cloudy in the afternoon and chilly once the sun went down. I was up on time this morning as I had no rain to excuse getting out of bed and getting on with things. We were out in the dark however dawn was only around the corner. The mornings are getting lighter at last. Jupiter was well ahead of the game but I could see Venus in second place with Saturn nearby. Pluto had also risen but is too far away to see. We managed 7km on our walk and then I ran to Krios and back. My total KJ for today is 5,000 somewhat of an improvement from the previous days. I need to concentrate my mind if I’m to achieve the February Challenge.

I did some washing seeing it was the first fine day in ages. Most of it is dry although I was a little slow to get my act together and should have put it in the machine earlier.

The day was interrupted by a number of support requests and other correspondence associated with the Bathroom Hut Transaction. In this day and age, you wouldn’t believe the complications of getting money from a Danish to a UK bank. Talk about banking union – not.

I had a couple of visitors: Claudia came to pay for the two days, which turned into four, that they stayed. Then little Linda and her mummy came to ask me about recycling which morphed into a doggy visit. Apparently, they know of people in Germany who might be interesting adopting from Crete. The dogs were very well behaved: even Oskar was brave enough to explore the phenomenon of a ‘small human’. She’s still a rather unpredictable being as she tends to fall over onto her bottom when least expected. An action that send Oskar scurrying for cover the first few times.

Later, I received a text from Jan to say they would stay another night and would I like to walk the dogs together. We met up at the appointed time and walked out to the Promontory. We played a little ball but Fido, in particular, was uninterested due to the distraction of having Lily present. Oskar and Obi were on the lead. It was only when we experimented with letting Oskar go that things deteriorated. Until that point, the others were ‘happy’ to ‘play’ with the bounciness which is Lily. Oskar tilted the balance and precipitated a ‘let’s chase Lily’ game whereupon Lily ran back to mummy at the camping. They all got a good run out of it and were friends again later on. Oskar definitely needs some work.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be as sunny as today so we have the opportunity of getting our heads straight before the forecast poor weather over the weekend.


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