Only four left

Yesterday saw the departure of Claudia and Helmut, today it was Paula, Jan and Lily. Not that they left too early. I went down to see them off and to wish them well with the remainder of their travels. They say they might return again in the Autumn. Now there are only four vans left in the camping. Not too bad considering there were very few in previous winters. Soon we should start to get those who are coming for the early season.

The moon lit our progress on the morning walk and the Evening Walk too. It is supposed to be a Blood Moon tonight: a special full moon.

I delivered some laundry after the walk and then ran to Krios and back. The sun was beginning to make an impression on the return leg and I almost wished I didn’t put on my outer garment. If I run to Krios again tomorrow, I should be able to complete my February Challenge despite the horrid weather forecast from Saturday to Monday. I shall also have to make sure I go shopping too as cycling the roadworks is bad enough when the road is dry let alone when it’s wet.

Today was very quiet after the recent busy days sorting out all the problems at Inter Sport. I decided to enjoy the sunshine and do a few updates to my weather websites. It’s now possible to access the daily history page from the weather site. The MeteoBridge which transfers data from the weather station to the websites had fallen over for some reason leaving a data hole of over 24 hours. I have hopefully set up a means of notifying me if it stops sending data again. Part of the problem is that the electricity supply is extremely unreliable which interferes with the reliable functioning of a number of devices.

Xanthippos came to tell me about his bad back and give me a rundown of all the jobs he’s recently completed. We carried out a wander of the camping before he went to feed Georgia’s dogs and then go home to recuperate. I had a brief chat with Brian and then got on with doing not a lot.

The Evening Walk started a little later than usual but we were able to enjoy the moon and get in a little ball-throwing. They’ve had some meat so now it’s my turn to get some grub.


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