Sunny again

It was a little chilly when I got up as well as when I went to bed last night. I’d not had much heat on in the van so was feeling cool when I got into bed. I put on my thick fleecy blanket over my duvet to get warm. I kept it on all night despite an interesting temperature rise at around 03:00. When I actually went out to turn on the heaters, it wasn’t as cold as I’d expected as the air was virtually still. During the day, the wind has moved from north to east to west and now southwest. When the sun disappears it’s quite chilly even with only a slight wind.

We walked 7km and then I ran to Krios to decrease my February Challenge by another 2,200KJ. If my calculations are correct, I have only to complete my daily Move goal of 3,040KJ until the end of the month and the Challenge is complete. The plan is not to over do it or, next time around, the Challenge will be harder!

Other than the Early Walk and the run to Krios, the day has been quite inactive. Sascha’s wife came with Little Linda to see the dogs but forgot to close the gate so there was only Oskar left to see. The others had wandered off to explore the camping however the first to return was Luis who I found trying to get back in. Brian brought Charlie and Fido back and I later found Obi on the beach amusing the dog from the Swiss woman I met last year in the time of Extra Dog. She was instrumental in helping with his adoption. This year she is staying in Azogires so not coming to Grammeno to stay. She says it’s very cold and wet up in the mountains but very beautiful. I could forego the beauty to enjoy the comparative warmth of the coast. We exchanged commiserations regarding the poor winter, the wind and the rain. She will be staying on Crete until the end of April she says. Her dog is calmer than last year when she had only recently acquired him. He seemed to be getting on well with Obi who is very submissive when he doesn’t have the rest of the gang to back him up. We went our separate ways, me with Obi.

I thanked Brian for recovering the dogs for me than got some food from the freezer to eat this evening. I’ve run out of fresh food so should go into Paleochora tomorrow or Friday on a shopping expedition. Saturday, Sunday and Monday are likely to be wet so I’d better get some stores in as I have only three more meals in the freezer. Stocks are running low!

The Evening Walk was uneventful however somewhat earlier than last evening as it was still almost light when we got back. Luis and Fido did the usual and the others pottered. I thought we might encounter someone as I’d seen a pickup parked in the beach car park but there was no one to be seen.

What else have I done today? Not much other than a brief support call with Inter Sport in Lewes.

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