I was awake early and stayed in bed until almost getting up time just looking at the weather and the newspapers. I wandered over to put on the first load of washing and turn on the water heaters. Off we then went for our Early Walk. Only three laps of the Promontory or 4.2km, as the February Challenge is almost in the bag. Once back, I took out the washing from the machine, delivered it to Sascha’s van and changed their rubbish bag which was stuffed with pizza boxes. Back at the van, the dogs were being reasonably quiet so I got on with some gentle IT tasks whilst waiting for 09:00 when I’d arranged to put in washing for David and Carol. This I did then set off for a run around the Kountoura circuit: only a short one as I’d done Krios and back for three days in a row. I was considering the possibility of a trip to Paleochora but felt that might wait until later.

Breakfast after a particularly warm shower and then a little more work. The dogs were enjoying the sunshine as was I. A couple of military planes flew over which caused a certain amount of excitement and barking. Other than that, all was reasonably calm and quiet.

The afternoon degenerated into inactivity other than a quick walk around the block and twenty minutes of core exercise on the decking outside. The dogs joined in to ensure I was doing everything correctly but may have been more of a hindrance than a help. It was nearly walk time so I took some food out of the freezer as my planned trip to Paleochora never materialised. I’ll definitely have to go tomorrow as I don’t have any fruit for breakfast. An early visit will be required.

The top temperature for today is 18.8℃ and it’s even warm enough to sit outside at 19:00 to write this. Most of the dogs are inside however Charlie didn’t wish to eat this evening so was defending his food from Oskar’s interference. Charlie has been eating other stuff or has a touch of the vapours, one or the other. I’ll stick his bowl in the Fridge for tomorrow as it has meat in it.

The Instant Pot has just clicked indicating the pressure has released so it’s time for grub!


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