Gathering clouds

For some reason, I was awake just after 05:00. Probably because the temperature rose by 2C. We got up at the normal time as I was checking my mail and reading the newspapers. The walk went slowly as I didn’t feel very energetic today. We managed three laps but they only counted for a couple of minutes of exercise due to my lack of effort.

I went into Paleochora to do some shopping over the pothole and machinery-infested road. Yannis was on the checkout so we spent quite a while chatting as there were not that many people in the shop. He tells me the run he’s been training for which was to be held in Ierapetra on Sunday, has been cancelled due to poor weather. He’s disappointed but possibly relieved at not having to drive five hours each way. Apparently, the only sensible way to drive to Ierapetra is via Iraklion which, in itself, is already far enough.

Back at Grammeno, the sun was out and the dogs were quiet. They were lying on the decking enjoying the warmth from the sun. It was around 25℃ in the tent. I dumped the shopping inside the van and then sat down for a bit of a rest.

I got interested in stuff on the Internet and the day escaped. I did find time to check on the van batteries which I looked at a couple of days previously. It would seem that they are both in pretty poor condition, one in particular is no good at all. Hardly surprising as they must be ten years old and have had a difficult life. I need to decide whether to replace them or go for a full solar installation.

The solar installation payback time would be very long because I don’t use a lot of electricity. That said, the power is very unreliable here so not having to depend on the electricity grid would be a real advantage. Being self-sufficient would also be comforting. The power will often go off for hours at a time which is why most businesses have backup generators. All of my UPSs have died, they are expensive and do not supply power for very long either.

I still had a lot of KJs left in my Move Ring so I took Winston for a quick thirty-minute run around the Kountoura circuit. We are at the Gallipoli invasion in 1915 and I have a feeling it’s not going to be a success.

A shower, a tidy up, some food preparation and off we went for the Evening Walk.

I have unconfirmed reports that Skinny White Dog has been spotted on the beach in the company of another dog and an owner. He is no longer skinny although still white and appears to be getting on well with his new friend.


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