No significant or measurable rain

It was a rapid wake up for me as I was still asleep when the alarm went off. I went to bed later last night as I was feeling decadent. By late I mean 23:00!

There was an appreciable wind mostly from the northeast as we walked the Promontory on our four laps or so. I wasn’t really paying attention. It is getting lighter in the mornings so it will be quite light in another month when the clocks go forward. Assuming that is they are going forward this spring. There was talk of allowing the EU states to decide for themselves what they wish to do regarding Daylight Saving. The northerly states are likely to wish to be different from those on the Mediterranean.

Back at the camping, I engaged with a cup of tea. The dogs went inside as they felt it too cool to remain outside. I wanted to sit outside and hoped it would become warmer as the day progressed. A forlorn hope as it turned out. What sun there was early on disappeared as the sky clouded over. It was only once the sun was heading towards the western horizon did it manage to shine through.

Much of my day involved messing around with the server at Inter Sport mostly sorting out a problem with the backup. There was also a very minor support call from them later in the day.

The dogs stayed inside most of the day although I went in only to prepare my evening meal and put the cover back over the van batteries then bring in all the items piled in the other reclining chair. The ‘active’ battery is not holding a charge, nor is it charging. At least it is not as bad as the other one which cannot manage to get above about 10v. I need to get my head around a solution to the whole power situation.

Voices at the gate heralded the arrival of Carol, Nikola and Linda who, surprisingly, wanted to see the dogs. All this visiting is good for Oskar as he’s forced into either staying outside and being left out or coming in to make friends with the visitors. They stayed until around 17:30 at which time I took the dogs out.

My plan, in view of the weather forecast, was to run later in the day when it should have been warmer and sunnier. At the point in the day when this should have happened, it started to rain! The arrival of my visitors gave me an excuse not to change and go out. Consequently, I had quite a few KJs to demolish to complete my daily goal. We walked a lot this evening. As much as this morning if not more. Anyway, my rings are closed for another day and I have only a few hundred more to complete my February Challenge. I’ve deliberately strung it out until the end of the month in the hope it will be kinder to me the next time around. Previous challenges have been completed well before due and with more effort than required. I suspect subsequent ones are based on previous accomplishments.

My meal should be cooked now so I’m going to eat it.


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