Sascha is back

A little very light rain in the night which amounted to only 0.4mm precipitation. For some reason I woke up several times but I went back to sleep quickly. It was a little chilly again.

Out on the Promontory just after 06:15 for a mad dash about and some frantic ball throwing. Today was the day of the missing ball for Luis as he spent more time looking for it than chasing it.

Back at the camping I had a little rest while checking on Inter Sport’s server which seems to be taking an age to do its backup. I think I need to come up with another plan for that. I checked and could see that I had completed my February Challenge. Hopefully, next month’s challenge will be an easy one. The only other challenge for March is World Women’s day which, last year, involved closing the Move Ring twice. For me, due to lack of experience of Move Activities, this involved me in running something like 17km in an attempt to close it. Ursula and Tony were here then and she walked to Paleochora and back beating me to the finish line. This year’s challenge is to run or walk only one mile! I can do that in the first half-hour of the day!

After a cup of tea I eventually decided to go for a run around he Kountoura Circuit which I completed in the sunshine and the still chilly wind. I’d turned off the water heater earlier in the day as I could see it would be sunny so decided to wait to see how much hotter the water would become before committing to a shower. I spent my time being busy and sorting out a way Janne could see his camera from afar. He can already view it in still mode but he’d rather have a moving picture. Moving pictures will never catch on in my opinion.

Looking at the time I felt I should get in the shower in case all the water ran out. Not a problem on this occasion as I had to turn the hot right back adding loads of cold. It was very pleasant to be there without the wind whistling through the unglazed window and sun streaming in instead.

Soon after, Sascha and Nikola arrived at my gate with Linda. Sascha told me of his journey back from Chania by taxi and the nights he’d spent waiting for the road to be cleared. He tells me the Old National Road has now been blocked but the New National Road is clear. I guessed it would be done before the tourist season but now it was more important to get on with it more urgently.

They left, I phone Janne to talk him through his moving picture connection by now it was time to take the dogs for their walk. For two days I have allowed Obi to go free in the evenings and for two days he’s managed to keep near by and be the first ready at the end. I would like to think he’s finally got the message but past experience would indicate this is a reckless thought.

I’ve fed them so they are waiting to be let in. My supper is in the Instant Pot which has just beeped to tell me it’s cooling down. Time to get the dogs in, the heating on and sit down to my meal.


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