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Today started early as I woke up due to my laptop being in bed with me. I was working on the new Inter Sport server in bed last night and didn’t turn off the laptop so was flooded with bright light when I accidentally pressed a key in my sleep. I felt wide awake so continued working until about 04:30 when I thought I’d better do some more sleeping. I didn’t sleep much more in any event.

It was dry for the Early Walk and Obi was allowed to be off lead from the very start. He behaved nicely and continued to follow me despite the others participating less actively. As I said previously, I’d like to think this behaviour will continue however I won’t be holding my breath! I walked only three circuits as I fully intended going for a run later so no need for excessive walking.

I drank a cup of tea while continuing with my servers all the time deciding when would be the best time for a run. All of a sudden, down came the rain so I continued my work. Moments later, out came the sun whereupon I thought I’d better seize the moment for a run. I changed and took Winston on a quick trot around the Kountoura Circuit keeping a good eye on the clouds as I went. I got back without a premature shower so went immediately to get a hot one in the bathroom.

I’d considered going into Paleochora again but thought better of it due to the advancing clouds. By now it was time for my weekly call. We chatted for the traditional two hours during which Georgia was wandering the camping with Manolis and Xanthippos as entourage. They were measuring where to put the four new cabins which Georgia intends to erect for this season. They didn’t bother me although the dogs were a bit barky at times. Especially Oskar and Luis, who eventually got locked into one of the houses. Charlie joined Luis in the run voluntarily.

I spent much of the afternoon playing with my servers until it was time to sort out some food for later. Tonight is spinach again as I don’t ever seem to be able to buy the correct amount. What a hardship!

Nikola and Linda came to call while I was finishing off. They walked down to the play area as I left with the dogs for the Evening Walk. It was still very cloudy but the dogs and I both would benefit from a walk. We had fun, Luis and Fido raced around, Obi came back at the end and we all walked over the rocks without getting wet. Just as we were crossing the beach about 100m from the camping gate, I felt drops on my skin which confirmed some gentle precipitation. Fortunately, we got back in time so were able to shelter inside while I prepared the food for the dogs. The shower stopped as quickly as it started so Oskar and Charlie were able to eat outside on the deck which they seem to prefer.

More rain is forecast for the darkness hours however today has been a lot better than I could have hoped for. From now on, perhaps there will be less rain and more warmth.


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