It was hot – window open job

Luis was a bad boy so spent the night incarcerated in one of the kennels outside in the SDC. He started being quite aggressive, particularly towards Obi, involving seating arrangements inside the van. I picked him up and escorted him to the SDC run where I left him. His next ploy was to make noise so I put him in one of the houses and locked the door. This didn’t stop him from being noisy just that the noise was mostly contained within the house and coming back at him. He was finally released this morning.

Everyone else had a pleasant evening watching Captains Bains and Onedin on the east coast of Newfoundland after Bains was shipwrecked as a result of Captain Fogarty taking a northerly route through the ice flows. And they all lived happily ever after.

My sleep was less than restful but I awoke with the alarm to start the day as normal. Only a few trips around the Promontory as I planned to go running later. I wanted time to do some testing on the new mail server at Inter Sport. This involves connecting the new server to the Internet so requires doing at times when no one is likely to be using it. As I’m two hours ahead of UK, there is plenty of scope for this in the mornings.

I then went for a pleasant run around the Kountoura Circuit and could feel the sun on my back as I jogged along listening Winston recounting the events of WWI. I even considered the possibility of not wearing a light top over my running shirt in future. Such excitement! Back at the factory, I had a hot shower and some breakfast before resuming work on the Inter Sport servers. I’d set myself the task of installing and configuring backups today. The server software takes too long when it backs up the entire machine so I wish to concentrate only on backing up the data which is used daily.

There was a support call from Seaford as there was no connection to the Internet. This was traced to one of the network switches which I got them to reboot. Simple case of deduction and remedy. Not too demanding really.

It became warmer in the awning tent so I even opened one of the windows! The door to the tent is always open except when it’s raining hard or very windy. Various dogs relayed inside and outside. Outside to get warm in the sun: inside to be out of direct sunlight. Oskar was enjoying himself out on the decking whilst Charlie preferred to be in one of the igloo kennels. There are now more houses than dogs so plenty of choice for all.

So far, there have been no visitors today only Manolis looking for and cutting up firewood. He went next door looking for the wood stack which migrated to the top of the camping long ago. Xanthippos was about however managed to resist the temptation to come and talk to me. We spoke very briefly when we met as I jogged towards Kountoura. He approached on his Noddy Bike chomping on a pastry, presumably purchased at Anatoli, judging by the amount he’d consumed.

There is now a persistent deputation surrounding me so I guess it must be about time for the Evening Walk. Obi keeps wagging his fluffy tail creating a draft in the hope I might spring up to get ready to go out.

My evening meal is all but ready to go into the Instant Pot to start cooking while we’re out. We need to go a little earlier than yesterday seeing it was quite dark when we got back. Less than four weeks until the clocks go forward: the mornings become darker again and the Evening Walk can be later. Orthodox Easter is not until April 28 so Clean Monday will be next Monday as you are having Pancake Day tomorrow and your Easter is one week earlier. Orthodox Easter can even be in May as it will be in 2021.

A couple living in an elderly Transit were parked on the Grammeno Beach car park. We had a chat as I walked back with the dogs. They normally live in the Canaries but decided to spend this winter in Crete. I explained this winter was much wetter than normal. It must have been difficult for them to live in such a small space when the weather is poor. They like to swim and surf so looked a hardy couple.


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