Happy Pancake Day!

The disappearance and reappearance of Obi

Strategically placed in the doorway, Fido (L) and Luis enjoy the sunshine. Oskar is outside at the top of the steps.

Obi was nowhere to be seen at the end of the walk but I didn’t wait as I wanted to get on. As the day progressed, I’d not really considered where he was or even made any attempt to look for him. Later in the day, as I got on with something else at the sink, I glanced over to the rear of the van and noticed Obi snuggled up in close proximity to Fido. This is a fairly unlikely scenario but not as unlikely as Obi sharing space with Luis. A while later, Obi emerged from the van to stretch and wander outside. It was only then that it dawned on me that Obi had not come back with me at the end of the walk but was, however, present.

It is unlikely he climbed the fence to get back in, nor dig under it for the same purpose. I must presume that someone else let him back in unbeknown to me. Or, that he slipped in the gate on one of my many journeys in and out. I’ve washed a couple of smelly dog blankets in an attempt to make them slightly less smelly. Whether I’ve succeeded, remains to be seen – or smelt for that matter. They are presently hanging over the former Boris compound fence to drain the bulk of the water before hanging up on the line where they will remain for a couple of days to reduce the number of hairs and sand which were not removed by the washing process.

Other blankets have been left to air on the deck and are periodically occupied by dogs. I put blankets on the bench seats in the van which they carefully move aside. I put blankets outside on the deck and they prefer to lie on them than on the wood. I’m not sure I understand how the system works.

My busy day started off with a little server configuration brought to an early end because of a text from Mike saying he couldn’t send emails. Hardly surprising as I’d just reconfigured the router. I asked him why he was up so early and said he should be in bed like everyone else.

I went for a run, a shower and had some breakfast. I then opened up Ξ1 – Ξ2 as they have been a little damp due to all the rain. The floor in Ξ2 has been pushed up due to the damp and probably the fact there was an insufficient gap left for swelling. Both cabins need a concrete base or the sand clearing from around them. My previous advice appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

It was not as sunny as yesterday although not too chilly to start off as I even went without a coat on the Early Walk! Having walked a few times around, I felt quite hot. Less so later when I went running and was pleased to have my thin fleece over my running shirt.

A support call from Mr Lawrence confirmed the arrival of his grandchild. I’m not sure he told me the flavour, just that he is a grandfather. Apparently, the birth took twenty hours from start to delivery. Mother and baby are both well.

I cycled into Paleochora around 15:30 as I felt it would be nice to get some more food for supper. I bought more than I intended but that seems to be always the way. Progress on the water pipes is ok. The road has been widened in several locations but the surface leaves a lot to be desired and the project still has a long way to go. I’m not sure what it’s going to be like in the summer as it’s already very dusty despite all the rain over the winter. The motorists are generally courteous as are the plant drivers.

The Evening Walk was speedy and uneventful. Obi was present and correct: the first to be reconnected. The couple in the van departed before morning as they were not there at 06:15.

There is a dog curled up on the mat on the step by the van door. I suspect they are hoping to be let in. Should I take the hint?

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