Mystery solved

Nikola found Obi stretched out in the sun in front of David’s motorhome yesterday. She encouraged him to follow her back home but he was having none of it. Instead, she picked him up and carried him back. She commented that he seemed reluctant to go back in. Hardly surprising with the remainder of the mob inside. I was probably out running when she returned him and it took me hours even to notice he was back. Poor Obi!

We were out a little later this morning as I was suffering from sticky-bed syndrome AKA reluctance to get up. I made my circuits of the Promontory in double-quick time as I was eager to get back: there was washing in the machine to deliver and cabins to open up in order to continue the drying out process. Sounds like something for drunken film stars! I went on to do a couple of hours IT work mostly continuing with the Inter Sport server project. I seem to be getting that in hand now so more testing and then it should hopefully be ready to go live. Other time was taken up with backups and replying to the odd email.

The sun was now shining so I went for a little jog through Koutoura and back. There were some guys working on the road opposite Houmas restaurant. Nothing to do with the major road project. The run was followed by a shower and breakfast then some more IT stuff.

It was sunny and warm so very pleasant to sit in the awning tent. I was speaking to Brian, who leaves at midday on Friday. He’s not going to Spain as I thought but making his way back to UK via the Côte Atlantique, La Rochelle and so on. He will then visit the West Country, Wales and then a ferry back to Dublin followed by a couple of hours to Belfast. He’s in no rush but will then stay the summer considering where he might travel next year. He has to get his MOT so is obliged to return in the same way as David and Carol.

Speaking to David later, he’s leaving on Sunday to go to Knossos followed by the museum in Iraklion before catching his ferry back to the mainland on Tuesday. Once back in UK, he and Carol are going to India for three weeks and then concentrating on getting their van MOT and other maintenance before deciding where next to go. Their decisions are affected by the Brexit fiasco so are still uncertain. They are considering Portugal as the Portuguese are making it easy for British expats to come there to live and spend their money.

I completed some camping admin as well as close up the cabins and then a chat with David. Nikola had another load of washing which I have put in the machine on the timer as I reread the instructions so know how to save a favourite wash and set the delay timer.

I prepared my food which is now all but ready, the Evening Walk was uneventful and the dogs are fed. I started their Leisguard treatment today. This needs to go on for thirty days and usually takes place in February but was delayed until November last year as I was away in October. Now they are fed differently, it’s easy to see who is eating what and to ensure each dog finishes up his dose.

The Instant Pot has gone beep so grub is up!


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