Nobody tells me

I was up at 05:00 but then went back to bed to read the news until 05:30. We walked as usual but Fido lost his ball. It was a lovely morning but not too warm so I needed to keep going to be warm. The World Women’s Day challenge is to walk or run 1 mile as opposed to completing the Move Goal twice over as it was last year. Such an amazingly simple task I completed it in the first fifteen minutes.

I made a little more progress with my Inter Sport server installation but soon became embroiled in the events of the day. I’d planned to meet with Carol at 09:00 to put her washing in the machine. This we did and off we went. It was shortly after this that the power went off so Carol came back to see what we would do. I told her I had no idea how long the power would be out but the machine might need a restart. Next Sascha came to say they were leaving Saturday morning and also he had no power. We talked about where they were going next. I’d just sat down for the third time when Olivia came to tell me she was doing some cleaning and that there were people coming for the weekend. She informed me the power would be out until around 14:00.

Xanthippos told me Georgia was coming later to see about the bases for the new wooden cabins. I went to tell Carol that her washing would be captive in the machine until the power resumed around 14:00 when I had time to start the wash and run through a complete programme.

Brian wanted to leave but the power outage meant the only way I could read his electricity meter was to connect it to my computer backup electricity supply and power it up. Brian paid and gave a very generous donation for the upkeep of the little cat who adopted him during his stay. She was previously being fed by me as no one else was taking notice of her. She will miss Brian as he was very kind to her and playing with her whenever she was around. I have since stocked up on cat food.

By this time, nobody had told me about the power outage, Georgia coming or the arriving customers for the weekend. Why do I have to hear about this third hand?

I wanted to go to Palechora but needed to get the money to the office for Georgia and also hoped to get in, get my shopping and get back before Georgia arrived. I’d cycled less than 1km when I passed Georgia coming the other way. Much earlier than I’d anticipated. I got my shopping then went round to try to get a dentist appointment to fix a broken tooth. He was not working as there was no electricity – I should have guessed that. There will be someone there on Tuesday so I’ll go back then.

Back at the camping I unloaded my shopping and started to put it away. I even found time to sit down for five minutes!

The power returned about 14:20 so I started Carol’s wash and wandered down to tell her to find she wasn’t there. Georgia was holding court with Xanthippos and Mikhalis by the central kitchen. She wanted me to go to the office for a chat but the WiFi network hadn’t come back on following the power outage so there was no Internet access in the entire camping. I wanted to sort this out but eventually met up briefly with Georgia to hear the lowdown of the progress of the new road. I’m not holding my breath on that one.

I sorted the problems with the network so we had Internet again. I’m one of the major users of the camping WiFi anyway. Carol’s washing finished so I took it down to her then disappeared to hide for a while. Ongoing was a support request from Natalie at EG. She couldn’t access the accounts software so I was dealing with that too.

Xanthippos told me he’d walk Georgia’s dogs then give me the saucepan with the pasta and chicken Georgia had brought for all the dogs. I decanted this into a saucepan so my dogs could have it after their walk.

Linda and Nikola came to call as Sascha was trying to do some work and didn’t want Linda in the van. She is into everything and is walking quite well now so can move and change location with surprising rapidity. I’d planned to prepare my food at this point so abandoned this as Linda was here.

At 17:30 Linda was ready to move on so I got the dogs ready to take out so that we could all walk down to the beach together. The Evening Walk was uneventful and everyone came back nicely at the end.

Tomorrow sees the departure of Sascha, Nikola and Linda with David and Carol leaving on Sunday morning. That will leave just one van on the beach front. My life will become quieter for a little while although most people who arrive will stay only a few days and it’s the arrival and departure which are the most labour-intensive.

Whilst writing this, I’ve had a support call from Inter Sport and a call from Maria to give me the information for this weekend’s arrivals. We even have someone coming on the bus who’s bringing a tent! Hopefully they are Finnish as it’s chilly at night!

I think my supper is cooked!


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