Sascha, Nikola and Linda leave

I was up at 05:30, well before the alarm. We were out good and early on a clear but slightly chilly morning. I didn’t need a coat but I wanted to keep going to be warm. All the dogs were off-lead however Obi failed to return at the end of the walk.

We were back at the camping before 07:00 where I discovered the ladies Maria had alerted me to the day before, erecting their respective tents. They had caught the early bus from Chania and wanted to steal a march on the day. I gave them the usual welcome bit, took their money and left them to it. I said I’d drop them to Krios the following day as they expressed an interest in walking to Elafonissi and back in a day. Perfectly doable at this time of the year but better from Krios as the path from Grammeno to Krios is less than exciting.

I popped down to see how Sascha was progressing with his departure preparations and promised to return later to collect the balance his money. He said it might take a while. I took Winston for a trot to Kountoura and then a shower and breakfast.

I collected Sascha’s money and opened up Δ2 for Lisa as they had some friends coming. By then it was time for my weekly phone call.

One family arrived for T2 followed by the other for T1. The T2 group consisted of a Russian woman married to a Greek with one son and a daughter. They had two rescue dogs, one of which had spent the journey from Chania throwing up all over the pile of coats in the rear of their car. What a great way to start your weekend away. The others were Greeks with two daughters. I settled them in but they were friends anyway and the T2 group had been to the camping in summer so knew the ropes. I took the opportunity to open up Ξ6, 5 & 4 to allow some air to circulate as there was talk of someone wishing to stay in one of them for two nights.

I now had a little time to myself so returned to the dogs and sorted out some of the camping admin. I’d promised to send Maria a copy of the electricity bill but discovered it was no where to be found. Apparently, Georgia had already taken it.

I swept the van, prepared my food and then took the dogs for the Evening Walk. Obi was on-leash as he would have been tempted to come back to the camping to visit the customers’ dogs. The walk was pleasant and rapid but uneventful.

The sound of loud music permeates the air. Peter told me there were some enormous speakers near to Synka supermarket in Paleochora. The carnival is tomorrow and Monday with the traditional kite flying on Grammeno Beach on Monday. By the look of the forecast, the wind should be good for kites. The beach and Promontory are invariably littered with the victims of unsuccessful kitemanship [kitepersonship too].

Dogs are fed, supper’s ready so…


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