Another departure

David and Carol left today to begin their journey back to UK. It starts with some visits before the ferry on Tuesday. They’re off to India in early April.

The day began at 05:00 but I waited until 05:30 before rising definitively. The Early Walk was very warm and pleasant. I even considered shedding a fleece! Obi was my partner again and likely to remain so until further notice. I begin to wonder if he’s really bothered by being captive. We completed some laps and then returned to the camping. Interestingly, having Obi with me, there was no early morning barking from Georgia’s dogs.

The inhabitants of T2 were up with their dog outside the building. He barked, mine didn’t, at that moment anyway. The owners later decided to let their dog explore the camping so there was a commensurate amount of barking from all the resident dogs. I received a call from Peter in T3 asking if I’d put the washing machine on for Angelica at 09:30. I recently purchased a kVh meter for my electrical panel which I wanted to install. The urge just came over me. I managed this before 09:30. The washing in the machine, I went to see the ladies and then David and Carol who were enjoying their final breakfast on the beach at Grammeno.

David and Carol having breakfast

I saw that the ladies had surfaced so went to see if they needed anything. We had a chat by which time David needed the ladder to get onto the roof of his van and Angelica had returned for her first batch of washing. I gave the ladder to David and Angelica and I adjourned to the washing machine for the second load.

I completed my conversation with the ladies and then went for a run so as to be back to take out the washing. I returned just as Angelica appeared to collect it. The run was only short and quite warm as it was, by now, around 12:00.

I returned to my barking dogs after my shower and had a little rest. This was followed by some updating to one of the electricity meters I’d built a couple of months earlier. I didn’t have the correct cable then, and all the meters were in constant use so I was unable to deal with it. I upgraded the cable and added a socket to the underside of the meter box. Previously, the socket had been inside the box which required the lid to be open to allow the cable to pass. Now the supply cable passes through the box making the whole thing neater and more weatherproof. I am using that meter to measure my Instant pot as I cook a meal. It will be interesting to see how much power it uses.

I prepared food for my evening meal which is cooking in the Instant Pot. I have some beans to add and a reheat and general stir round before decanting the food and preparing some rice for this evening. Then it should be late enough to walk the dogs. A sunny Sunday requires a later walk as there are bound to be plenty of punters still wandering the beach and the Promontory.

The food is decanted and the evening rice is on the timer to cook while I’m out with the dogs. I’ve closed the doors of the airing cabins and left a key in M1 for some of Georgia’s friends who are ariving later.

We met a young couple who were still on the Promontory. They were briefly serenaded by Oskar before we continued on our way over the rocks and back to the camping. The dogs are munching their meat and biscuits, the customers’ children are playing in the playground and there is now only one, small motorhome left in the camping. Once the customers leave tomorrow evening, it will be a little quiet. Until Jan and Lily arrive that is…


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