Twenty kites flying

Another Clean Monday bites the dust. I counted around twenty kites flying from Grammeno Beach at one point. I’ve just done a tour of inspection of the camping which included collecting some sun loungers from the beach. Strange that the loungers could easily make it from the bar to the water’s edge but not the reverse. A bit like the table and bench which found its way to the deck of T2 and was still there after the customers left.

No one was on the Promontory this morning and it was free from damaged kites. I should imagine the situation will have changed when we go out for the Evening Walk shortly. There were still people flying kites not long ago so we’ll wait until it’s nearly dark before venturing out. Also, there is Olivia, and the lady who does the cooking and her husband in the restaurant. They have a puppy so I’ll await their departure to ensure a more relaxed exit onto the beach. I really must rig up a personal gateway from the field onto the beach as I can see there will be more occasions where I’ll want to avoid going through the camping.

I engaged in a cup of tea and a little work after the Early Walk then opened up the two cabins for airing whilst chatting to the two ladies who leave today. They were commenting on how much they enjoyed their hike through the Anydry Gorge yesterday afternoon. They managed to get a lift back to Paleochora but told me of their experience of walking back to Grammeno after dark. Not something I’d rush to do especially with the roadworks.

I took Winston for a run to Koundoura, indulged in a leisurely shower before preparing my breakfast. At this point in time the sky was blue and sunny, a situation which was to change as the day progressed. I had plenty to occupy myself including a call to Sue Baldock at Inter Sport. She updated me on the current personnel so that I could consolidate the email addresses and mailboxes when creating the new accounts.

The sky started to cloud over but it was still warm. The multitudes on Grammeno Beach were flying their kites to the sound of loud music accompanied by babbling PA. There were about twenty kites flying when I looked. The wind was very favourable, strong enough but not too strong.

I took the ladies into the bus station in Paleochora as they had a lot of clutter and there are few buses today. They will have had enough by the time they get back to Chania. I suggested they might return in May or October when the weather is warmer and more stable. They have had good weather for their stay anyway.

A German couple in a motorhome arrived during the afternoon. They are from a town near Munich and will stay for a week at least. I was hoping to clear the beach front so that the trees could be sprayed. Maybe later in the month…

Messrs Onedin and Baines had problems with mutineers last night however, as luck would have it, they managed to regain control of the ship, setting the bad people adrift in an open boat, and safely deliver the $1,000,000 in gold bullion they were carrying.

It’s getting dark now so I think it’s time to walk the dogs as everyone will have gone home and I can let them run free. My supper is in the Instant Pot which I’ll switch on before we leave.

Some remnants of the revellers remained at the Promontory end of the beach but conveniently decided to leave as we approached. There were no apparent wrecked kites so conditions must have been ideal for flying. Our walk was speedy as it was getting dark however we were illuminated by almost 25% of the waxing moon. We did the rocks and were back at the camping as darkness fell. The dogs are chomping, the Instant Pot is cooking the barometer is falling and I’m typing. The next few days look cold and wet. This MUST be the end to this winter. Surely…


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