We are not wet tonight

Last night was very wet as was the earlier part of today with over 20mm rain altogether. The van was full of soggy doggies yesterday evening so it was imperative to have the heating on to try to dissipate the humidity. My shorts dried during the night as did my shoes. We were up at 05:30 and out shortly after. There was no humidity during the morning walk however, I’ve had more enjoyable Early Walks. We completed three laps and headed back to the camping getting there before the rain began for the morning. I’d briefly considered going for a run but that was postponed once the rain began.

I entertained myself with remote computers then decided it was time to eat something. The dogs were mostly inside as the temperature had dropped considerably. I made breakfast and ate it before continuing with my servers. The rain fell gently and also less gently at times. There were sunny intervals but these were short and sweet.

Various forays to the loo proved there was little activity in other parts of the camping although I did venture down to the beach a couple of times to take in the vista and to look at the clouds.

Morning turned to afternoon and the weather improved considerably. It was sunny with rain being blown over from the other side of the mountains. The forecast wind had got up in contrast to a virtually still morning. Around 15:30 Winston and I sallied out for a quick thirty minutes of running. There was some occasional drizzle but mostly sunny, and of course windy. Jan had sent a text to say that he wouldn’t be coming due to the poor weather and that he was staying in Rethymnon.

I’d not long returned from running when my phone rang to tell me there were customers at reception. A German couple from Berlin who have been travelling for a year including visits to the British Isles and the Orkneys. They are planning to stay at Grammeno for a week and are now neighbours with Hans and Veronika from Munich.

Their dog was in dire need of exercise having been stuck in the van for the ferry crossing from Piraeus to Souda the previous night. She even jumped out of the open van window to cavort about the camping as they decided on their preferred location. They finally chose the spot where I spent my first six months. They were in need of a shower so I put on the water heater. They took out their dog for a walk as I said I wouldn’t go out until a little later.

The Evening Walk was blustery so accompanied by the usual doggy excitement augmented by the visit to the Promontory of their dog shortly before. We were not out for long as there were still towering black clouds and I didn’t fancy another evening with a van-full of wet dogs.

Dogs are fed, supper is ready as am I to eat it. Hopefully tomorrow will bring better weather.


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