No rain…yet

More punters arrived this morning. A call from the reception announced the arrival of a German couple who have been on Crete for about a week and plan to stay at Grammeno for at least a week. They have taken up residence in Brian’s former location north of me. I mentioned they get a free cat with the site. She comes to me for food but I’m not sure she’s got over Brian’s departure. That said, she should be used to transients as that’s what the camping’s all about.

We walked in the dry first thing although I didn’t hang around unnecessarily as one never knows what the weather serves up. The WU forecast is quite accurate but not 100%. Back at the factory I got on with playing with my servers. A lot of what I was doing today was making a better job of my previous installation. I’d allocated vast acres of disk space which made the backup process very long. By trimming disk size, the backups will take less storage and be quicker. The problem is that I don’t do this work often enough and, each time I do, it’s usually with a different version of Windows which requires a little more learning. All of this is taking quite a while however it’s a learning process too.

The day started cloudy but quickly became warm and sunny. A very welcome change from yesterday and tomorrow too. When Hans asked about his washing for the afternoon I suggested the morning would be better to be sure it would be dry. I mentioned that Friday would be wet again.

I snuck out with Winston for a quick run later in the morning as I’d been a little engrossed earlier on and wanted to run when it was warmer as there was still a chilly wind from the southwest. Work progresses on another drainage project towards Kountoura. It seems that whichever way I go I run into roadworks. It’s better to get it all done now before the new road is laid down.

I busied myself with a new cover for the power supply on the Lamp Pole. The intention was to make the initial installation permanent by running a cable from Georgia’s house and supplying the power from there. One thing lead to another and it was never completed as intended. The supply was originally wrapped in a couple of plastic bags but these started to leak so I took in the supply as no one was using the Lamp Pole repeater anyway. Now that David has gone, there are two vans in that space who require Internet access so I thought I’d better get it working again. I cunningly fashioned a plastic saline bottle into a cover for the supply by cutting off the top, inverting it then screwing the bottle and the mounting to the pole. The supply and wiring can be slid up from underneath however the rain should not get into the electrics. It was a relatively speedy process one which I’ve been putting off due to lack of urgency.

At the same time, I took the electricity meter from Hans’ van and gave it to the newcomers as Hans uses almost no electricity and the couple are likely to use much more. I have only three meters to hand out but I have plans to permanently install meters into the electrical boxes that supply the sockets. This will require a little rewiring but is significantly cheaper and quicker than buying all the parts to fabricate mobile units. The mobile units will still be required as I plan to install meters in only the most popular locations as they are quite expensive.

I’m sitting in the dark, the dogs are inside and my supper is ready. Radio Paradise, currently my constant companion, is on in the background. Time to go in and to call it a day. I wonder when the rain will start.


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