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Fido needed to go out in the night and was followed by Oskar and Charlie. Fido came back in a timely manner: Oskar and Charlie didn’t so were quite pleased when I finally let them in some twenty minutes later. It was cold outside last night! It was still cold when I got up and turned on the water heaters a little after 05:40, as I had another lie-in!

Our walk was under a beautiful, clear sky for a change. It was easy to make out Jupiter, Saturn and Venus which were in a long line. Most of the stars were no longer visible by that time. I seemed to be having problems with my Exercise Circle, it seemed to have jammed up on me. Or maybe I was not putting in enough effort which was probably the more likely reason. No point blaming the equipment. Bad workman and all that.

Fido and Luis were absent for a little while and at one point only Obi and Oskar were still with me. I suspect the other two Brown Dogs had sloped off to the other beach. The fact that they were back at the end, not chasing the sheep or careering around the camping is fine. Obi always has to tear the arse out of it by winding up Georgia’s dogs at 06:00 when all the nice campers are tucked up with teddy in bed.

I drank a cup of tea before getting on with some more IT work which rather dominated the early part of the day as things didn’t go quite how I’d hoped. I had time to return Antja’s washing from the machine and to open the two cabins to air. I need to wander down and close them up in a moment. I discovered Manolis working on some formwork for the new cabins, or rather their bathrooms, which are going up behind T2. I helped him to square it up and put it in position. It was then that I learned that Georgia would be coming in later to make the final decision as it the exact location for the slab.

I had a shower and some breakfast and then it was time for my weekly call. Straight afterwards, I went into Paleochora for some shopping as I’d not been in since Tuesday so needed some more food. The spinach was looking a little weary but I could give it a drink to revive it as I wanted spinach for supper. The wind was from the west so the trip back was a little tiring. Full bags and a headwind – not such a good combination.

I’m had time to wash my spinach before Manolis shouted over the fence that some punters had arrived. A couple from Stuttgart who find themselves with a man from Stuttgart only a couple of meters away. They are staying until Tuesday but also wish to make use of the washing machine as well as go on some cycle rides. At almost the same time, another couple arrived with a Land Rover with a roof tent. They said they knew all about me as they’d met up with Paula and Jan in Rethymno. They are down by Ξ6 and the restaurant, not far from the Stuttgart gang. The washing machine will be in demand over the next couple of days.

There was time for me to prepare my supper before taking the dogs for their Evening Walk. Georgia was performing a tour of inspection as I was leaving via the sliding gates onto the beach. She tells me she will be back on Tuesday as they need to collect and clean some greens. This is an annual activity as they are collected, prepared and then stored for the restaurant to use during the summer.

The walk went well and both Fido and Luis did plenty of running around. The dogs are now fed so waiting to be let back in so then can snooze the evening away whilst I eat my supper which is now ready.

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