Oskar doesn’t like kites

I wanted to move a batch of data so got on with it when I woke up at 02:00 having let Fido go out for the inevitable. I got my data on the move then went back to sleep to be woken by the alarm at 05:30. There was a slight resistance to getting out of bed but it was a clear, chilly morning with a beautiful sky which would make up for a little lost sleep in aid of data transfer. Most of the dogs were with me for most of the time. Other than Obi, who has little option, Oskar and Fido stuck with me for the most part. Luis and Charlie were in absentia for some of the walk but appeared at the end as required.

I continued with my data activities whilst drinking a cup of black tea. I had to meet up with Pete to take some washing to the machine at 08:00 so needed to keep an eye on the time. Unknown to me, Olivia was in the camping, bright and early, and had put on a hot wash of bed linen which would occupy the machine for nearly three hours. I went for a run then took out her completed wash before putting in Pete and Camilla’s load. They are one of the German couples with the dog. Pete speaks English with a Canadian accent: he grew up near a Canadian airbase where he had a lot of interaction and also worked for a long time on the US Western Seaboard.

Pete and Camilla’s dog

Returning from the machine, I bumped into Hans from Stuttgart who informed me he would be leaving and asking if he owed any money. I consulted my spreadsheet to discover he still had a couple of days paid for and had given me extra anyway so had a balance of 42€. He refused a refund and told me to keep it as a donation. How very kind! I seem to be doing well for donations.

So now it was time for a shower and some breakfast which was followed by a slight loss of time. I had one support call referring to my data transfer but it was a simple matter to remedy. Both Lewes and Haywards-Heath shops are open on a Sunday. Only Seaford is closed on Sundays. My next long opportunity for working on their systems will be Easter as they will close on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. I need to be ready to make proper use of the time.

The day was warm and sunny but still accompanied by that chilly wind from the west. I noticed it as I ran towards it earlier. A recurring theme of the day was Stan and Ollie (Mikhalis and Xanthippos) working with Manolis putting down the concrete bases for showers and toilets for the new cabins next to T2 and behind Janne and Erica.

Mixer and newly poured concrete bases

I went for a wander and a chat later in the afternoon to visit Pete, Camilla and their dog. They have been travelling since 2017 and have a good setup with a Land Rover which is well kitted out including a palatial dog accommodation with associated dog accessory storage. They can sit only in the front of the vehicle as the back is all taken up with storage, dog etc. They sleep in a roof tent and have a very flexible awning which goes around one side and the back. Their dog is very chilled and friendly relating equally well to people and visiting dogs. He was pretty chilled as we crossed paths on the evening walk. It was the kite that did it for Oskar as he just goes into meltdown. Despite his collar, I just let him go as all he wanted to do was get away from the kite someone was flying on the beach. There was a good on-shore wind for kite flying this evening. Poor Oskar never quite recovered his composure until I presented him with a bowl of meat and biscuits when we were back.

It’s has been a busy working day but enjoyable nevertheless.


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