A day of interruptions

The moon and Venus at dawn

There were no nocturnal data transfers only sleep so I was well awake before the alarm. Another bright morning to greet me although there was some dampness on the deck from condensation which had dripped from the roof. We were out on the Promontory well before 06:00 so Venus, Saturn and Jupiter were well evident.

A demanding Sunday evening in front of the TV

We completed our walk smartly and efficiently getting back to the camping just before 07:00 in time for a cup of tea, to read the papers and check my emails. My peace would not last long as I’d arranged with Thomas, to put his washing into the machine. I’d already delivered one load for Antja and collected the bowl. Just after I’d returned from the washing machine, Veronika came to say they were leaving so wanted to pay for their electricity. I took their money, said farewell and waved goodbye as they drove up towards the entrance having taken on water on the way.

I thought it a good time for a run so that I could be back in time to empty the washing machine for Thomas who I’d agreed to meet at 10:00. I then got a shower and had some breakfast as I was getting hungry and Monday morning can be busy. I was able to eat in peace as the phone didn’t ring however Olivia came to tell me there were customers looking around the camping. They turned out to be French from Rouen. They want to do some walking but plan to stay for only one night. I suggested there were several walks using the camping as a base and left them to do their research. They put a load in the washing machine and left for Paleochora to buy food and get something to eat.

A German couple came to the camping to see T2 as their son’s family will be coming in August for two weeks. The couple live near to the camping and had made a preliminary reservation with Maria. I took their details and forwarded them to Maria to deal with. Things calmed down a little and I found time to go to the office with some money as I know that Georgia will be in the camping tomorrow.

Things were quiet so I started preparing some food for tonight only to have several interruptions from Xanthippos who was bringing a Greek woman to me who wished to rent one of the wooden tents for a longish period. I suggested she come back to talk to Georgia in the morning. He also wanted me to keep an eye on his fire as he’s going through his pyromaniac phase once more.

A couple of other support calls from Inter Sport interrupted my food preparation and delayed the evening walk as Sue also called me. I helped her to set up their corporate TeamViewer account. It seems they have bought five licences – not cheap! I’m certain TeamViewer should be giving me an introducers fee for my part in this. They can now remote work from home so we’ll see how that goes.

The Evening Walk followed and we were able to get back just as night fell. I put on some rice having decanted the main event from the Instant Pot. It is now cooking and keeping the other warm. One for the freezer and one for tomorrow too!


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