New delivery

Mr Polychronis is doing well again. Delivering plenty of supplies to the camping for all the various projects for the new season. The concrete bases, constructed on Sunday now have little toilet and shower huts standing on them.

Looking north across the land which will soon have three (?) new wooden châlet-style dwellings

I assume the little huts will have a toilet and shower designated to each new châlet. Time will tell. The bases for the dwellings need to be constructed first although I have suspicions they will be set on pads in order to save time and money. More to follow…

Two from the remaining four German couples left today. One more will leave tomorrow and a further the day after. A new arrival, a young German couple with a baby snuck in when I wasn’t concentrating. With the noise of the machines working around the camping, it’s hard to hear the arrival of a vehicle. In any event, I might not have been concentrating completely at that point.

Having seen off the departees, I went for a run followed by a shower. There was a lot going on so there may have been a few interruptions. The dogs were confined to the SDC with Luis in the van for most of the day. They were rather noisy yesterday with lots of rushing to the gate each time anyone approached. I was threatened with a visit from Georgia today however that never materialised. I think it’s hilarious that she goes to all the effort of having Maria call me to inform me she will come to speak to me, then Xanthippos telling me twice she would come, then nothing happening. I don’t care either way but I think of all these unfulfilled promises. Nothing like over-promising then underdelivering.

The new couple say they will be staying for around a week and have set themselves up just off the beach next to the sliding gates at the eastern end of the camping. Like most young Germans, their English is extremely good and they might be quite fun.

I spent the remainder of the time dealing with camping admin: accounts and money for Georgia which she has hopefully taken from the drawer in the office, also my statement for all the materials I’ve purchased for the cameras and WiFi around the camping. I needed to get this together as it’s coming up to the end of the month when I’m due to pay for the next year and the previous year’s electricity. I read my own meter so I could put down anything I like but then my annual electricity bill is around £200. I use about 3.5kWh of electricity per day. Not very much in the grand scheme of things. Considering I’m also running three WiFi access points, two cameras and a network switch as well as my laptop and associated clutter.

Fido was feeling lazy this evening following his day of incarceration so preferred to chew, rather than chase his ball. Luis was more serious and rushed around madly. He had a lot of pent-up frustration to dispel after his close confinement in the van. He’s happy to be in the van if I’m working outside but goes a bit bonkers when I disappear.

Supper is ready, dogs are fed and I need to go inside and eat.


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