Getting warmer

I forgot to close the windows of some of the rooms at reception so went up there after feeding the dogs to do so. The office faces west so receives the afternoon sun and it was actually quite warm inside as I opened the door to get the keys to lock up the rooms. I then continued my rounds closing up the cabins which are airing before returning to the dogs.

The Evening Walk started and finished via the field as we returned that way this morning to discover a panel missing from the fence which had been erected to stop the sheep from leaving the field. Some rubbish has been disposed of at the former kantina and the fence panel not replaced. It’s much better for me to exit via the field as it saves going through the camping with the potential of causing Georgia’s dogs to bark early in the morning. There is also the matter of not having to cross the beach which is quite uneven making the going difficult. The local loonies appear to be amusing themselves by doing doughnuts in the car park and churning it all up. Ursula will have something to say when she gets here so they’d better watch out!

I went to chat to the young couple before the Evening Walk in order to extract some money from them. I discovered they’d not been into Paleochora and hence not to the ATM as I’d asked for cash rather than card. They have a cunning gas stove which takes gas cartridges which they say it seems to gobble up with monotonous regularity. I suggested they try Petrakis or the hardware store as perhaps the cartridges are used in other appliances.

Full moon over Paleochora

I think someone had got themselves stuck on the beach. Ha ha! Lots of noises off indicates this may be the case. At least they my think twice next time.

My support calls today were from Terry in Aylesbury as he was taking down the server and other equipment from the Bucks County Museum. Hopefully, Ursula and Tony are able to transport same to Crete if Terry can get it to them in time. (Lots of revving going on. They seem determined to destroy their tyres and the car and have absolutely no idea about getting out when bogged down.)

Other calls were from Inter Sport as there appeared to be a slight glitch with their EPOS system. This was a small matter of a rogue folder.

I cycled to Paleochora to get some food this morning fearing the road would be dreadful. There was little traffic and only one machine working. The Giant Toothpick was chipping away at subterranean rocks with the jib reaching over to the other side of the road from the main body of the machine. One worker was standing above the hole supervising the pick end while another sat in the cab at the controls. The traffic passed under the jib between the machine and the toothpick. I’m sure that would never happen anywhere else as there would be too many regulations against it. It seemed eminently sensible to me and the cars obediently obeyed.

Work in the camping continues. The entrance, car parking and motorhome spaces are all cleaned and raked and now work is continuing on the other, unoccupied area of the camping. There are a couple of new guys doing the work and they seem quite pleasant from what little interaction I’ve had with them.

Work is progressing on the new chalets. I can now see where they will eventually be. Lots of clanking and banging during the day.

My supper is cooked so I’d better eat it. I can now sit outside to write my blog despite the fact it is 20:00.

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