It was so still

A cardiologist from Germany could not understand the Brexit farce. He is on two weeks holiday having had to drive through Romania to get here as he didn’t realise he needed an insurance Green Card to drive through Montenegro adding 1,000km to his journey. He is now happily relaxing with his wife close to the beach on a newly-cleaned area of sand.

The cleaning guys are doing a good job and appear to be getting on well. Only a few areas of the camping to go but there are customers to consider. Those north of me have extended their stay until Sunday. That area can be cleaned once they leave. The young family visited Paleochora today but returned empty-handed in their search for gas for their stove. They have ended up purchasing a new stove which takes gas available locally.

The day has been warm and sunny but, unlike yesterday which was virtually airless, much more windy as you can see below.

The forecast is for more wind tomorrow.

I went running later when it was warmer but then more windy. Winston has been transferred to my watch as my phone was on charge. He accompanied me with the progress at the Somme. Not a pretty picture. Apparently, the first day of the Somme produced losses never before encountered in army history. Mostly on the side of the British and French as they were attacking. The Germans came off relatively unscathed.

Other than the guys strimming the site, Mikhalis and Xanthippos have been busy with the new chalets. Xanthippos has set up his paint shop across the path although he kindly left me access to the toilets and out of my gate without having to climb over everything. He carefully explained it all to me before he left for the day. I’ve not examined progress with the chalets as I suspect there is little actual progress to see. I shouldn’t be surprised if we don’t get a visit from Georgia tomorrow or over the weekend. She will wish to see progress and be the boss.

Fido is waiting eagerly for me to let him inside and Oskar and Charlie are lurking out on the decking. Obi is also keen to get inside as the wind is strong and the tent sides flapping sometimes quite noisily.

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