Definitely windy!

It was windy in the night except for a quiet period earlier on. The Early Walk was interesting as the wind was mostly from the north. Very quick when moving south but somewhat more difficult when going the other way. We were back in the camping around 06:45 in time for a cup of tea before embarking on other activities.

I could see that the windiest time of the day was yet to come so wanted to get out for a run before that time came. I felt that I’d go earlier rather than later as two customers were planning to leave. The couple to the north of me who have been here for ten days and the cardiologist near to the beach. This would leave me with only one van, the young German couple with the little girl.

I ran with the wind mostly behind me on the outbound and consequently, mostly in my face on the return. I didn’t listen to Winston but a Guardian podcast instead. Back from my run I went into the shower and then checked to see if I could take the balance of the money from the customers. There were no signs of life from the direction of the beach but the others were preparing to leave. They paid and left shortly after. The others decided to stay another night as they wished to visit the Irene Gorge.

Olivia was cleaning and told me she would be with Georgia for a week so would not be coming to the camping until she returned. Manolis came for the key to the storeroom at the reception as his electricity had gone off. We sorted that out, just a breaker. The electricity has been up and down quite a bit today, presumably because of the wind.

The strongest gust today is 88.9km/h which is 53mph. The strongest gust so far this year was 90.1km/h on 14 February. This is the strongest gust I have recorded since June 2014 when the weather station went online. The forecast is for the strong winds to continue through the night then moderate in the morning. The hope is that they might moderate before then once the sun goes down. Otherwise it’s going to be a rowdy night. It’s much quieter than when I had the fabric awning. The new arrangement is definitely the way to go.

Apart from the wind, the day has been fairly uneventful. I’ve not really done anything very constructive other than read the newspapers and occasionally wander around the camping. The Evening Walk is the next event on the agenda. This could be exciting as the dogs are scatty when it’s very windy and I have Oskar and Obi to keep on the lead whilst throwing balls for Luis and Fido. Charlie will just do his own thing. I think I might go in and out via the camping as it’s less exposed than walking out onto the road which faces north-south.

The Evening Walk was exciting. The wind was still very strong so progress was unpleasant as we crossed the exposed part of the beach. By keeping close to the camping and CBV, it’s possible to remain in the lee of the trees but crossing over to the Promontory from the end is very blustery. The return was even more horrid as the wind was blowing the sand into our faces forcing us to stop for a few moments before going on. I set myself up in the lee of the trees at the end of the Promontory and let Luis wear himself out bringing the ball back each time. Luis could see that I was not participating as he’d wish so decided to leave his ball then roll in the sand. It was at this point that I decided to head back as I felt I’d had enough of wind for the day.

They’ve now had their Sunday meat and all are inside with me except Obi. The van is moving around and I’ve just replaced another three bungee balls on the Sail Shade. The bungee balls fasten the fabric of the sail shade to the tubular frame. The elastic eventually gives up the ghost and then pings to the ground. I probably already changed another ten today but they were getting a little long in the tooth some of them anyway. The electricity is still going on and off like a Belisha Beacon. Each time the power fails, the Internet goes off so I have to wait until it reboots before sending this. Fortunately, my supper has finished cooking, I’m using a laptop and the TV is on a UPS. The van lights are on battery so can manage to stay on despite the fact that all the batteries are almost dead.

Time for grub and get Obi inside!


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