It stopped!

Enough of the wind! It’s been blowing hard for a couple of days and finally, this afternoon, it stopped. It was very windy again this morning for the Early Walk and it was cold enough to warrant a coat which I was in two minds whether to take. I was very glad of it in the end. We were back by 06:45 so I had a cup of tea and fiddled around doing not a lot. There was one customer to see off and he wasn’t much of an early riser so I knew there would be no hurry on his account. He and his spouse were preparing their breakfast as I wandered down to see them. They said their trip to the Irene Gorge was ok but the roads were a mixture of unpaved and tarmac. They didn’t tell me much about the gorge so I took their money, wished them well and left them to it.

I wanted to run but it was still cold and quite windy so I decided to put off the running until a little later. I had a couple of easy support calls then decided to go out on my run. I was wearing a light fleece which was just a little too warm on the way back. The wind was dropping by this time so the strength of the sun was having an effect. I had another support call just past the half-way point so had to put that off until I got back. The lady was one of the Embroiderers who was setting up the Google email accounts for her group. She’d been experiencing difficulties but I talked her through it. She was envious that I was in Crete. Kirsten must have let on.

I went for a shower, prepared and ate my breakfast then there was another brief support call. The sun was warm and the chair was comfortable so I fell into a deep sleep for a little while. Time was marching on when I woke up so I needed to wander the camping to make sure there were no punters, chat to the German couple who leave tomorrow, prepare my supper then walk the dogs. I was thinking that, once the Germans leave, I’ll have the whole place to myself but then Chris and Claire are coming back on Wednesday and I said I’d pick them up from the bus station. So I’m not going to be alone for very long. I cannot remember a time when there has been no one on the camping since the end of October. It’s been a busy winter for me so it will be good to get away for a few days to somewhere which is not the camping.

There were a couple of people wandering about as we walked just now but they sensibly confined themselves to the beach leaving the Promontory for us. Oskar is still on the lead with Obi on the later walk but maybe I can let him free tomorrow if the conditions are right.

A lone mosquito jest flew past. The cold and the wind has kept them at bay however the wet conditions will bring us plenty more mosquitos and flies come June. Georgia keeps threatening to spray the trees but I’m still waiting. There are no customers at present, no wind and no rain forecast until Wednesday so now is the time.

The Revoke Article 50 petition has made it to 5,545,534 signatures at the time of writing.

The Instant Pot has gone ‘plop’ as the pressure valve has opened so my grub is ready.


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