Tooth fixed in a jiffy

All on my own for the first time since, I think, October. Peter and Angelica are transitioning to their new abode in Paleochora so are not staying in T3, the young German family left late morning and all the various workers disappeared off home around 15:30. As one does. Chris and Claire are flying back from UK and should let me know their arrival time tomorrow so I can pick them up from the bus station. I think they are staying the night in Chania tonight.

The night was cooler but the day started warm and windless. That situation changed as the day progressed. We were back in the camping by 06:15 so I was able to get my washing into the machine so it could be hung up to be dry by the end of the day. I went for a run just after 07:30 making sure the sole customers were not planning an early departure. With a small child, early departures are tricky. I ran, read their meter and returned the money they’d given me at the outset, I wished them luck and left them to it. The washing was done so I hung that up. I wanted to go into Paleochora for some shopping as I’d run out of apples for breakfast. It was an easy ride in due to the following wind. Yannis was pleased to see me especially as I spent 190€: not all on groceries of course. I decided to get my gas bottles filled up before next winter. The price of gas is more likely to rise than to fall. I also bought the inevitable dog food which included a big bag of Friskies which I use as treats at the end of the walk. Even though a large bag is 38€ it gives the dogs treats for about eighteen months! I used to spend two or three Euro on small quantities which lasted only a week or so. Premium food is the way to go!

My next port of call was the dentist as I wanted to get the tooth fixed I broke a couple of weeks back. I’d tried to get an appointment previously but they aren’t there every day and there was no electricity the day I tried to go there anyway. The nurse offered me an appointment next Monday or at 10:30. As it was just past 10:00, I went for the 10:30 appointment. There was a guy waiting in front of me but he was in for only a few moments so I was being attended to by 10:15. I expected the dentist to tell me I needed a crown and it was going to cost me £500; instead, he said he’d fill it and it cost me 50€. Result!

Back at the camping, there were now no customers except Peter and Angelica who were just leaving, with a friend who turned out to come from Greyshott, just down the road from Hindhead. We chatted a while but they had to get off for an appointment. I unloaded my bags and prepared my breakfast before contemplating a shower. For some reason, the shower didn’t happen until the end of the day, just before the Evening Walk. Breakfast over, I did some gentle camping admin and took the money to the office as well as the rubbish to the bin. It was warm and comfortable in the chair. I’d walked, run and cycled so a gap developed…

The washing was now dry so I made my bed and washed the mountain of spinach I seem to have bought. I appear to have enough food for a siege at present. I went for my shower and took the dogs for their Evening Walk. All were allowed off the lead. Oskar seems back to ‘normal’ and Obi was a good boy and came back promptly at the end. There was no one for him to annoy at the camping so it wouldn’t have mattered anyway.

My spinach is cooked so I need to go and eat it.


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