Solitude over

I almost removed one of my fleeces on the Early Walk it was so warm and still. A situation which will change over the next few days as there may be rain later and strong wind again on Friday. We were back in the camping just after 06:00 so I got on with some work for an hour or so. I didn’t bother with the water heaters as there is no one here and I could wait until the sun heats the water for a shower later. I repotted my Bourgainvillia into a pot which I discovered loafing outside, together with some peat loafing nearby. I fed the moggy but had to rescue her from Georgia’s cat who muscled in to hoover up her food. I sent Georgia’s cat packing and stood by whilst she ate in peace. Xanthippos and his little gang arrived shortly after and went off to continue work on the shading they are putting up in the vicinity of Ξ3-Ξ6. Xanthippos is enjoying being the boss but they appear to be getting on well with the work. I’m not sure who is doing the welding. Some of the welding around the camping is a little suspect.

I ran around the Kountoura Circuit with Winston updating me on the progress of the army in 1917. The sun was shining, there was little wind and the sea was very blue so the run was very pleasant. I got a wonderfully hot shower and then had breakfast which was followed by a little foray into the newspapers. I’d agreed to pick up Clare and Chris from the bus station so needed to keep an eye on the time. I got ready to go and was just about to pull out of the camping when a motorhome pulled up inside. I did an about-turn and went to greet them. A German couple on an extended tour of Europe. They’ve been out for a few weeks so Crete is one of the earlier destinations. I gave them a quick tour of the camping so they could find a space and then set off for the bus station. I arrived just as the bus was leaving so had a place to stop to pick up Chris and Clare. We stopped at Petrakis where I bought some bananas and they shopped for their evening meal. Back at the camping, we walked around to look at progress and they settled on their old place but front-in towards the beach. They plan to stay for a couple of weeks. I got an electricity meter for them as well as the other couple so they were all sorted out.

I entered the new customers into the spreadsheet and updated Chris’ bill transferring him over to the newer template where there is more room for extras and credits. I prepared my food for this evening and then took the dogs for the Evening Walk forgetting to set the Instant Pot to come on in my absence.

The walk was pleasant and uneventful. Still very calm as any wind from the morning had disappeared. Luis and Fido amused themselves chasing around whilst Charlie and Oskar pottered. We went over the rocks which was a pleasant way to finish the day. Meat tonight so they are now waiting until I let them into the van where they will all collapse into their respective heaps and fall asleep. A dog’s life!

The IP has gone beep but I need to wait for the pressure to release naturally or the lentils will be a bit tough. Tonight’s delight is the remainder of the spinach on a bed of rice, chopped onion, lentils and peas. A great combination and very filling too.


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