Tony, Ursula and Heidi leave for Crete tonight

Dampness reigned as I poked my nose out of the tent this morning. I knew it was there as I’d heard it in the night. Not much as it happens although there was more promised from 05:15 on. There was a little whilst we were out but nothing to write home about. I left the dogs in their run on our return as I wanted to run later but would wait until I got a grip on the weather. At that time there was little wind however this has strengthened during the day.

I waited until around 10:00 before going for a run. There was some precipitation as I set off however there was a lot more for the last km so I arrived back at the camping damp but not soaked. My next activity was a shower as I’d left the heater on since earlier mindful of my desire for a shower. There are only five possible takers for a shower at present so I was not disappointed with a lovely hot shower. I made some breakfast and decided to be kind to the dogs by allowing them out of the run. Only Charlie and Oskar cottoned on initially as Fido and Luis had taken up residence in the former Boris mansion which does not have a direct view of the gate which I’d opened surreptitiously. Orkar and Charlie made themselves at home immediately and Obi was aware that his monopoly had ended.

Rain of varying degrees continued for the remainder of the morning and early afternoon whereupon it dried up nicely so that we could go for an Evening Walk. Xanthippos announced that Georgia’s dogs had been walked and fed and there was no one on the Promontory but it was windy. I finished checking the toilets then went back to walk the dogs.

A 4×4 passed us on the road by the field and a man and two children alighted to go for a walk down the Promontory. I lead the dogs to the end on the lead and waited for the group to arrive before letting Luis and Fido off to chase their respective balls. Oskar can be very barky with people unknown to him so he was on with Obi. The family eventually arrived. There was a little barking but they continued down to cross the rocks and complete their circuit. Once out of sight, I let Oskar go for the remainder of the walk. We followed the same route and then headed to the high point where I idly gazed in the direction of the camping where I spied an additional motorhome parked near the restaurant.

I deposited the dogs in their compound before going to greet the new arrivals. They only spoke German so I needed to brush off several layers of cobwebs to communicate. Three adults in a rented motorhome for one night all added up in German. I almost got the numbers correct but it’s been a while since my German had a dusting off. The man asked if I could get their heating going so I went inside and managed to start it as it was just a newer model to the one I have. It was very windy so the flames were being blown away from the safety device making it cut out. I got a nearby ladder to inspect the chimney on the roof to find it was present if only a little short perhaps. I advised them not to use the heating as I couldn’t be sure of it. I took their money and left them to it. They say they are staying only one night and we agreed that the weather was very windy and likely to be wet for the next few days. Welcome to Crete!

Mucking about with customers meant I’d not prepared my food nor fed the dogs. I came back, fed the dogs, bunged a load of vegetables in the IP together with some rice and lentils and stuck it on to cook for eleven minutes. I’m sure it will be fine.

My heating appears to be working ok but it’s only on low anyway as it not very cold. With three people in the van, the Swiss will keep each other warm I’m sure.

I’m going to see if my supper is ready as it’s already 20:00.

Heidi, Tony and Ursula set off on the night ferry for France this evening. They will stay at their home in Normandy for a couple of days before continuing southwards to Greece. Bon voyage to all!


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