Very windy!

The strongest gust today at 11:30 was 94.45km/h (59mph)
Despite the pessimistic forecast, there was quite a lot of sun today although it didn’t feel very sunny due to the tremendous amount of wind.

The Early walk was dark, damp and windy. The level of dampness was acceptable for the duration of the walk. The wind was equally acceptable but more annoying. We walked and then returned to the camping where I relented and allowed all of the dogs to come into the van. The dogs have been a bit stressed by the wind and Oskar was finding it difficult to settle.

The strong wind and intermittent rain discouraged me from running so I’ve been making up by walking around the camping a lot. I wandered around to check for damage as well as tack up a cable which used to be under the fabric awning outside the mini-market. The fabric, rotten by the sun and ripped by the wind has been removed. The fabric outside the reception will go the same way as that is also ripping. I borrowed the ladder which Mikhalis is using to paint the bathrooms and refixed the cable to the entrance camera. Of all the cameras, it is one I use frequently.

Manolis closed the barrier as a precaution against the wind. You can see the awning fabric ripping to the right.

Since morning, the wind has strengthened producing averages of between 50-60km/h and gusting to 94km/h at 11:30. Antonis called round to see if I needed anything and to check his erection was still in position. We used the opportunity for a chat and to inspect the works on the camping. We decided that the rods welded to the metal frames of the new chalets and driven into the ground will not stop them from blowing away in a strong easterly wind. The location where they are is very exposed as there is even less to protect them than here. Despite cutting a path out onto the field, I’ve allowed the bushes to grow up as at least they afford me some protection from the wind.

Having previously replaced the bungees to the sail shade, today it was the turn of the tent. I had to reaffix the westerly side of the tent and replace three bungees on the east. When one goes, others soon follow as they have to take up the slack. I need to find a better way of fastening the tent to the decking using shorter bungees doubled up perhaps. The frame and the canopy are moving as is the van. So long as they move in reasonable harmony and don’t crash into each other it’s ok. The strongest wind has past so it should be all downhill from here on, however, strong winds are going to be the dominant feature from now through Sunday.

Too big to go in the camping so is staying in the car park.

The guy with the large motorhome towing his car behind, arrived as I was tacking up the cable to the camera outside the mini-market. His huge combination would not go into the camping due to the trees and he seemed happy to park up in the car park. He declined my offer of electricity as he has solar panels, my offer of water as he carries 600l, he has his own loo and shower so is paying €100 to park in the camping. He is skilled at manoeuvring his vehicle: he drove into the camping before proceeding to reverse round to the other side of the building. With a car on a trailer behind a huge lorry, that is not easy. He’s obviously done it before. He tells me the lorry is 9 tonnes and its size makes it a little tricky on Cretan roads.

I’m hoping Xanthippos has walked Georgia’s dogs. I’m about to prepare some food before taking the dogs for their Evening Walk. The dogs are having a bit of a mad moment: Luis and Fido are sparring and Obi and Oskar are badgering Charlie. It’s a mad house!

The Evening Walk was exhilarating! We were pushed by the wind from the end of the field to the beach and then again down the Promontory. The wind is northerly and still fairly strong with gusts to 60km/h and an average of 45km/h for the past ten minutes. We cut across the car park and into the camping for the return trip as I didn’t fancy being buffeted by the wind whilst walking up the road towards the entrance to the field. I fed the dogs, waited as referee whilst they ate then went on another brisk tour of the camping. I shall only go out one more time tonight and hopefully, by then the wind may have moderated slightly.

My supper is cooked and awaiting my attention in the Instant Pot. The dogs are comfortable: Charlie sprawled on the seat at the other end from me, Luis and Fido on a blanket in front of the heater vent, Oskar on a blanket at the front with Obi outside until he decides it’s too cold and too noisy and comes inside. Probably when I go out to bring in my supper.


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