Clocks on tonight

The European Parliament has decided that from 2021 the European States will no longer change their clocks in spring and autumn. Each state must decide to adopt either permanent winter or summer time. Those that decide to keep with permanent summer will change for the last time on the last Sunday of March 2021: for the winter time, the last Sunday of October. From that time on, European States will no longer change the clocks in March and October.

Several years ago I supported an organisation which wished to abolish the hour change. The Bill was defeated in Parliament. No doubt, UK is its usual fashion will be the only state in Europe which continues to change clocks probably because the directive came from Brussels and UK is going to take back control whatever the consequences.

We got wet during the Early Walk but it was only light drizzle. We got wet on the Evening Walk for the same reason. I did an extra circuit this morning in an attempt to stay ahead of the game. Today’s weather, like yesterday’s was not conducive to running although I went for a shower which was lovely and warm. Not much happened after the walk except a wander down to the bar to bend back the corrugated iron sheet which keeps flapping down in front of the camera and pushing it out of position.

With breakfast out of the way it was not long before it was time to make my weekly phone call. At least by this time the weather had improved and it had become sunny if not still chilly in the wind.

After my phone call, I dealt with a little camping admin: taking money to the office, filling out the monthly summaries. It would seem that I’ve taken around 9,500€ during the winter season and that February was the busiest month.

I sorted out a broken solar light and decanted some dog food from the large bag delivered the other day. The dogs like the new biscuits which they get as treats at the end of the walks. They are only a premium brand of food but they do the job.

Some work has continued on the new chalets with the shuttering and pouring of another two concrete plinths, presumably for showers or toilets. I’m not privy to this information so will luxuriate in the suspense of waiting to see what goes there.

The afternoon melted away so it was time for the Evening Walk, a little earlier than usual as it was cold and somewhat cloudy. We met the guy with the large motorhome and his little dog so I kept mine on the lead. We wandered around a little until I could see that he was on his way back to the camping. Another dog-walker appeared but happily remained on the beach. A further walker was heading down the Promontory as we were walking back after the walk. We were out longer than anticipated, Luis and Fido raced around and then we walked over the rocks. I’d not walked over the rocks for a couple of days as it’s a struggle when it’s windy.

Back at the camping, I discovered I’d failed to put water in the Instant Pot so it had switched itself off. Consequently, it is just coming up to pressure as I write, has ten minutes of cooking to complete followed by the depressurisation period. I’ll have to wait for my grub for a while.

I read that Sir Michael has had to postpone the Rolling Stones US and Canada concerts starting in April. He has to have treatment for some undisclosed ailment but will make a complete recovery. Fans can retain their tickets for the rescheduled concerts. They are a game lot, still touring, as they must all be getting on now.

Ursula, Tony and Heidi are enjoying better weather in France than we are in Crete. Ursula is talking of continuing their journey in the direction of Italy on Tuesday afternoon. Let’s hope the weather sorts its life out by the time they arrive. It’s looking warmer from Monday onwards, and hopefully more settled for a little while.


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