Best laid plans

Over the past week I have been getting up five minutes earlier so as to avoid the one hour difference with the time change. I reminded everyone else about the time change but forgot to adjust my alarm from 04:30 to 05:30 to take into account the hour. As a result, I couldn’t work out quite why the moon was just rising as we went out onto the Promontory. It then dawned on me that my alarm dutifully sounded at 04:30 which, in reality, is 03:20 old time. The moon looked very pretty and but for some clouds, it would have been even better. I used the time for exercise and the dogs and I walked 10km. A good thing really as I’ve been talking to Chris and Claire for quite a while so have just got back to the van. The dogs are very pleased to see me and have finished demolishing their Sunday Meat. No evening walk but then we walked far enough this morning.

It was very windy again earlier and also quite cold. I noticed there were not very many takers for the showers as the floor in the mens was still dry when I went in. The wind has dropped and it is almost still now. The temperature is rising as I’m sitting outside writing this at 22:00 (21:00).

In view of my extra activity this morning and the earliness of my rising, I had a little snooze in the sun then got on with a few outstanding tasks. I put the light back over my entrance gate, pruned some of the olives and carob trees and fixed the gear cable on my bike which has been broken for months. The cable was for the front gears which have been jammed in the middle cog. Now I have a choice!

The afternoon became sunny and I wandered down to take Chris back his bungee which held his electricity meter to the post. I have since fixed a strong magnet to the box making the bungee superfluous. We chatted for several hours, it got dark, the dogs were barking and finally I said I really had to go so left.

It’s been quite a relaxing day altogether.

The Revoke Article 50 petition has now reached over 6,000,000 signatures and is scheduled for debate tomorrow. The outcome is a foregone conclusion but at least the powers that be should be aware there is a significant number of people who are dissatisfied with the way the entire Brexit process has been handled. Stop the process, we want to get off!

I need to feed myself now.


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