April Fools’ Day

Yesterday afternoon, I reset my alarm to get up at 05:30 on Monday morning. 05:30 is still only 04:30 as of last week but at least I had an entire week to gradually move and not have to complete the hour in one day. The moon is in the final quarter so rising quite late and Venus even later.

Venus and the moon above the trees – there was a bit of a haze

We walked as usual but it was much warmer and calmer than the past few days so altogether more pleasant. Back at the camping, I allowed all of the dogs into the main compound but that didn’t last for long. Luis and Charlie were put in the SDC for barking at the cat and it wasn’t long before Oskar joined them. Fido managed to last most of the day in the main compound but barked at something passing outside and was put with the others.

I went for a run for the first time in three days. There was still a chilly wind but it was quite enjoyable. Mikhalis was painting the bathroom as I went for a shower so it looks a lot better than for a long time.

I had breakfast and then got on with some work. The day started to warm up and it’s possible I may have lost concentration at one point. Only one support call from Inter Sport so calm for a Monday.

In the afternoon I went on a little walk around the block and onto the Promontory as I’d been sitting down for too long so needed to stretch my legs.

Xanthippos and his crew finished off and left at 16:30 so I was free to walk the dogs when it suited me. It’s nice to be out in the daylight for a change although this makes the evening a little shorter.

The Evening Walk was warm and pleasant: Luis left his ball behind and Fido both were less active.


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